Group Yoga Series / Classes

Below are brief descriptions of my yoga teaching philosophy and the types of yoga classes and courses (series) I can offer for your business, organization or group. Or, see what’s happening currently.

What People Are Saying

How My Classes Are Different: Intention

When most people hear the word "yoga", they often envision athletic or super flexible people in colorful pants doing pretzel-like postures. Alternatively, they might imagine monks meditating in serene environments, far removed from the stressors of modern life.
When I say "I teach yoga", I mean that I teach a well-balanced combination of physical movement, breathing practices, and mental techniques designed to achieve a specific goal. Why? Because this blend is the best way to maintain the health and wellness of your overall mind-body system, and remain energized, relaxed, focused, and attentive throughout your busy day.

Yoga is easier, more interesting, and more effective with consistent practice. The effects are cumulative, and a crafted yoga practice containing all these elements can take under 30 minutes. In my targeted group classes, you'll not only be motivated to practice; you'll want to learn and do more. As such, 60-minute classes are offered in series format: 4-6 week minimum, no max. Pricing is based on distance/travel, frequency, group size, etc.

All classes include all three components, but may have different focuses. You can read more about different class series I have done based on Physical, Breathing, and Mental focuses below. Or:

Yoga with a Physical Focus

The goal of a primarily physical, movement-based class series may be to:

  • relieve the body of those niggling aches and pains caused by repetitive movements, poor body positioning, or sedentary work (e.g. Yoga for Back Pain, Yoga for Improved Flexibility)
  • target improved posture and balance, which increases energy, improves mood, and alleviates fatigue that comes from keeping long hours (e.g. Yoga for Balance & Posture)
  • teach you to practice yoga in a way that meets you where you're at physically and lifestyle-wise (e.g. Yoga for Beginners Over 40)

Depending on your goals, the movements I teach may be gentle, moderate, or strong, but anyone can do them; including you!

Yoga with a Breathing Focus

Breath-work is incorporated into all my yoga classes, and the goal of a primarily breath (energy)-based class series may be to:

  • engage the parasympathetic nervous system so you can rest, sleep, and wake feeling refreshed (e.g. Yoga for Insomnia)
  • improve mood patterns to lift you out of a funk or restore your sense of groundedness when you're feeling scattered and nervous (e.g. Yoga for Anxiety & Depression
  • learn and practice a sampling of different breathing techniques to address specific mind-body conditions (e.g. Yoga for Healthy Breathing & a Healthy Life)

Yoga with a Mental Focus

The goal of a primarily mental-based class series may be to:

  • counteract the negative effects of chronic, low-level stress and restore clarity in your life (e.g. Yoga for Stress Resilience)
  • teach you to live more fully in the present moment (e.g. 5 Steps to Becoming More Mindful)
  • enable you to finally make peace with food and your body (e.g. Yoga for Emotional Eating)
  • help you find a meditation technique you enjoy and can stick with (e.g. Meditation Sampler)