Therapeutic Yoga Sessions


✔ I suffer with chronic pain (e.g. migraines, back pain, etc.)
✔ I struggle to manage symptoms of anxiety or depression
✔ I want start moving more but I don’t like going to the gym
✔ I need to improve my ability to focus and concentrate
✔ I’d like support in healing from an illness, or dealing with a chronic health issue (e.g. long-COVID, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, etc.)
✔ My doctor says I need to lower my blood pressure
✔ I want to prevent injury so I can enjoy my exercise routine
✔ I want to feel better so I can get back an activity I enjoy


Yoga today is very focused on physical practice, essentially becoming another form of exercise. But more traditionally, it is a highly individualized application of practices for one student, designed to bring about a desired change.

For example, you might want to increase your confidence. Or, you may want to make more mindful choices, such as what to eat or where to spend your energy.

Yoga practices include much more than movement: there are also breathing techniques, meditation, use of sound or affirmations, diet, and lifestyle suggestions. Therapeutic Yoga works with the whole person: at physical, mental, emotional levels.

Whether you’re an experienced yoga practitioner or a complete beginner, looking to achieve a particular wellness goal or to regain a better quality of your life, therapeutic yoga can help.

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Who is Therapeutic Yoga for?

People of all shapes, sizes, conditions, and ages use Therapeutic Yoga as a natural way to stay healthy or to address nagging wellness issues that remain unsolved by other modalities.

✔ Do you absolutely need to get back to your daily run?
✔ Are you desperate to feel more energetic, or to sleep better?
✔ Are you no longer able to relieve your stress in a highly physical way?
✔ Are you looking to heal your digestive issues or lose weight?
✔ Do you wish you could respond to life’s challenges from a calmer, more centered place?
✔ Does your mind race with anxious thoughts & worst case scenarios?
✔ Are you wanting to slow down your life so you can enjoy it more?

If you’re looking for techniques that are holistic, non-invasive, & complementary to other modalities–where you can take an active role in your health–then Therapeutic Yoga is a great solution.

In light of COVID-19, ALL sessions are currently being held online via my TeleHealth system, SoulBeing.


In-person sessions are held in my offices in Waltham or Watertown, MA. (Address provided upon booking.)
If you’re in the Boston area, I may also be able to travel to your home or workplace. Just ask.

Roy is a 67-year old racquet ball player who teaches others to play.

He developed a “bum shoulder” that started to affect his game, and saw a chiropractor every week who “fixed him.”

Roy is a WINNER, and isn’t going to lose a match because of pain. But off the court, his shoulder was a nagging issue.

After a few therapeutic yoga sessions, Roy’s pain eased & he enjoyed playing again.

What’s more, he shared what he learned with his future students so they didn’t experience the same injury.

Here’s what my clients say:

“You can immediately tell Kali has a deep understanding of the human body and how to SAFELY build strength, flexibility and release tension through movement and breath.”

“I suffer from chronic low back pain due to my herniated discs. I started practicing with Kali and started seeing immediate benefits.”

“Kali is able to clearly demonstrate and instruct on the various poses, helps you adapt (via use of blocks, etc.) so that you can work within your physical limitations, and is nonjudgmental about your abilities or lack thereof.”

“I left feeling re-energized, appreciative and more connected to my body. I wasn’t comfortable starting my own practice until I met Kali. I’ve slowly implemented changes that have improved the quality of my life!”

“Kali took the time to understand my physical condition instead of just throwing out a generic routine. I have back issues and she catered the routine to help me.”

“Kali took the time to focus on proper form in each posture and cued entries in ways I hadn’t heard before. She was very knowledgeable on a different level regarding muscle function and postural alignment.”

Not sure if Therapeutic Yoga is right for you?

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