Mary G.

Photographic representation of Mary

So many good things to say … one that stands out most to me … Kali is one of the most accepting people I know. Never once did I feel judged in any way. So easy to talk and share with. I always felt comfortable even when I was pushed past my comfort zone. My goals were centered on feeling better and man oh man I feel sooo much better … and although it was something I did want, it wasn’t my goal … I lost 28 lbs, and it feels like it was effortless. It feels so wonderful to continue to be amazed at how just a few moves and breathing can change your life, how you feel, increase your self-esteem, how you carry yourself, how you feel inside … centered.  What I found in the process is that it is so much more than the eating, it is about life and how you live it … balancing things and being gentle with yourself. Kali helped me do that.