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Even Wellness Professionals Need Help with Health (and that’s OK)

Are you a successful wellness coach, nurse, therapist, healer, yoga teacher / therapist, doctor, or other health mentor who’s struggling to meet your own wellness goals? Are you so busy taking care of others that you can’t seem to find time for your own self-care? The highest professionals in their area of expertise know they need a different perspective and take advantage of the power of a mentor.

Living in fear, and what Faith has to do with it

It has become more apparent to me lately how much we all live in fear. Do you? I don’t just mean of the “big” things, like the fear my friends in the Austin area were dealing with RE the package bomber a short time ago, or even climate change or the political climate. I mean…
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Why is it so hard to commit?

I’ve been thinking a lot about commitment lately. Why? Three reasons: I’m taking a class to study the Yoga Sutras in depth. As part of this study, we have started to explore the many different meanings of the first word of the first sutra: atha. I originally learned that it means “now”–many years later I’m…
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An Experience of Trust and Surrender

Freshly back from part one of my yoga teacher training at Kripalu, I’m feeling puzzled about how to convey a fraction of what I experienced during the past two weeks. Although I typically love to write about my experiences, several of them seem to lie just beyond words. However, in the interest of inspiring just…
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