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4 Ways to Not Lose Your S**t While Driving in Traffic

I originally wrote this post in May 2014, when I was still newly driving in a new “driving culture”, and in a city with extremely limited public transportation. While I’m comfortably back in the driving scene of the Boston area (which has a terrible reputation but I fit right in), I feel this is a…
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Even Wellness Professionals Need Help with Health (and that’s OK)

Are you a successful wellness coach, nurse, therapist, healer, yoga teacher / therapist, doctor, or other health mentor who’s struggling to meet your own wellness goals? Are you so busy taking care of others that you can’t seem to find time for your own self-care? The highest professionals in their area of expertise know they need a different perspective and take advantage of the power of a mentor.

8 Ways to Keep Yourself Sane this Holiday Season

Several years ago I was talking with a work colleague, and she asked me what I was doing over the holidays. I didn’t have much going on–-my family wasn’t close by, and I wasn’t traveling anywhere. I was very much looking forward to spending some time off from work, doing things I enjoyed like reading…
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What Does the Trend of “Flaking” Show Us?

By “flaking” I primarily mean: “to bail out of something at the last minute”. I’ve noticed this happening a lot lately: whether it’s a service provider, a networking acquaintance, a friend, or a client, people seem to be dropping off and out of commitments left and right, and at the very last minute. I’ve considered…
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What Remains is Truly Beautiful

In a previous post I talked a bit about svādhyāya, and my love-affair with self-improvement in its various forms, both professionally and personally. Here are some follow-up thoughts for your pondering pleasure. My Initial Picture of “Residue” I still remember when I first heard my mentor use the word residue: my mind went to a…
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Cultivating confidence & personal power through direct requests

Today a client of mine and I were talking about confidence, along with concepts like feeling that one has inherent value, and cultivating one’s personal power (e.g. saying “no” without feeling like a b**ch about it). All throughout this discussion, I heard myself giving her advice that I really still need to take myself, and…
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Thumbs up or thumbs down = balanced mood

If you put yourself out there on social media, whether it’s in a blog, a video, or even a simple Facebook post, you’re likely to get, well…feedback. Several months ago out of curiosity, I went to the “A Journey Into Health” YouTube Channel and sorted my video posts by “most popular”. The most popular video…
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Why do we enjoy what we enjoy?

I had an interesting experience in my teacher training this weekend. As is sometimes the case–because of a different topic that had been nagging me–I started the day in a resistant mood. Early into the morning, I couldn’t contain my frustration and said to our teacher, Chase: “what is the point of all this [therapeutic…
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