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Anxiety Keeping You Awake? 10 Tips to Help You Sleep Better Despite Pandemic Fear

Living a Zen life in a world fighting the coronavirus pandemic with fear, doubt and negativity is not easy. Each morning is flooded with unpleasant news of millions being infected, thousands fighting for life and the surviving ones struggling for a living. While the mornings bring bad news…the nights have their share of discomfort for…
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How to Get Through Work During Times When Sleep is Lacking

Let’s face it: People often have bouts of sleeplessness. Some of us are simply programmed not to sleep as well. Some of us have things that might keep us up later than we would have liked — new babies, for example, or even just work or home projects. And sometimes insomnia just happens here and…
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Insomnia from the Perspective of Chinese Medicine

A few months ago, my friend and colleague Chris Dewey of Thirdpathway Acupuncture schooled me on some aspects of insomnia I hadn’t heard before! This is truly fascinating information that you should listen to if you have issues falling asleep or staying asleep.

What You Need to Know About Bone Health

Guest blogger:  Dr. Angela Wicker-Ramos PT, DPT, CLT-LANA. Angela is the owner and lead physical therapist at Cancer Rehab Austin. A person’s bone mass peaks during the third decade of life. But do not let this information get you down, because there are ways to strengthen your bones at any age. Bones become stronger with…
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A Corporate Getaway – How Yoga and Meditation Super Charge Your Team

Note: This is a guest post from Aliza Unterberg. Some of you know I worked in a corporate environment for over 15 years, and that I love to travel! Although I haven’t personally visited this place (yet), please consider it (or something like it) if you are in a position to influence your corporation’s sponsored…
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Yoga and Chiropractic Care: Gentle, Complementary Ways to Heal Your Body

Dr. Ellen Wolk is a Waltham-based chiropractor I had the pleasure of meeting a few months back. Since that time we’ve had some fascinating discussions about how yoga and chiropractic care complement each other to encourage the body to heal itself, and Ellen has dispelled many misconceptions that I know I had about chiropractors! I’ve…
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