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Even Wellness Professionals Need Help with Health (and that’s OK)

Are you a successful wellness coach, nurse, therapist, healer, yoga teacher / therapist, doctor, or other health mentor who’s struggling to meet your own wellness goals? Are you so busy taking care of others that you can’t seem to find time for your own self-care? The highest professionals in their area of expertise know they need a different perspective and take advantage of the power of a mentor.

Living in fear, and what Faith has to do with it

It has become more apparent to me lately how much we all live in fear. Do you? I don’t just mean of the “big” things, like the fear my friends in the Austin area were dealing with RE the package bomber a short time ago, or even climate change or the political climate. I mean…
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7 Ways to Experiment with Life: Where Learning to Cook & Learning to Live Intersect

An old friend of mine enjoys reminding me of a day, about 10 years ago, when he rebuffed my offer of Bisquick-made pancakes for brunch. He also pokes fun at the fact that I, now a full-fledged whole-food health nut, used to subsist on Swanson TV dinners. I remember those days and laugh as well,…
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Feeling like a fraud? Alone? Fearful? It may be time to re-connect.

Every so often, my world gets shaken (not stirred), and I end up feeling like a fraud. What I mean by that is that one or more of the following automatic negative thoughts appear in my mind (and often more, creating that “negative thought spiral” I love so much): I have no idea what I’m…
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Is fear driving your behavior? (and what you can do about it!)

I see more and more people these days–and I count myself among these folks–whose behaviors are being driven from deep-seated, underlying fears. Here are some of the ways I think fear manifests itself in our behaviors: The “I know I shoulds”: Do you ever know what you should or shouldn’t do, but you still don’t…
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