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Sleep & Meditation Techniques - blog

4 Reasons Why Your Sleep Depends on Meditation Techniques

Meditation has more wide-spread benefits for sleep than what’s marketed in apps for the sleepless. Learn why your sleep depends on it.

Surprising Ways Sleep Can Boost Your Career - blog

3 Surprising Ways Sleep Can Boost Your Career

Learn how getting high-quality, refreshing sleep could boost your career & be the best professional investment you ever make.

Is It Wise to Nap - blog

What You Need to Know Before Joining the Nap Club

Why do you sometimes wake up more tired from a nap? How long should a nap be? Will napping today affect your sleep tonight?

More Than Just Mind & Body - blog

More Than Just Mind & Body

Learn how you can use the mind-body connection & more to address barriers to sleeping better, reducing stress, & improving energy.

double down self care - blog

4 Reasons to Double Down on Your Self-Care

Trading self-care time for other things when life is busy is common. Learn why taking time back for self-care is doubly important now.

improve sleep efficiency - blog

How to Improve Your Sleep Efficiency

Learn the best way to track your sleep efficiency, so you can identify areas for improvement & achieve long-term sleep success.

triphala tea for sleep - blog

An Experiment with Triphala for Sleep

Before Kali became a sleep and well-being coach, she experimented with lots of things, including triphala. Would it help her sleep better?