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Anxiety Keeping You Awake? 10 Tips to Help You Sleep Better Despite Pandemic Fear

Living a Zen life in a world fighting the coronavirus pandemic with fear, doubt and negativity is not easy. Each morning is flooded with unpleasant news of millions being infected, thousands fighting for life and the surviving ones struggling for a living. While the mornings bring bad news…the nights have their share of discomfort for…
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relieve anxiety pandemic

4 Ways to Relieve Some Anxiety During a Pandemic

There’s no question that life is challenging right now. Many people are experiencing more stress and anxiety like never before. Whether you’re new to feeling anxious or feel your anxiety heightened right now, here are 4 ways to help relieve some anxiety in the midst of the pandemic. 1 – Create a new daily rhythm…
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meditation for anxious minds

4 Reasons Why Your Sleep Depends on Meditation

Even if you slept well a few weeks ago, you might now be having trouble falling and staying asleep. The anxiety of our COVID-19 pandemic is a pandemic onto itself, and stress is also on the rise. Work is blurring (even more!) into home life and our routines are disrupted. Conveniences we’ve come to rely…
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