Talks & Workshops


Your group will get new clarity around their wellness challenge so they can make specific changes that will provide long-lasting relief.


My experience facilitating User eXperience  design sessions, teaching yoga & ESL means I know how to engage a variety of audiences.


Attendees participate & directly experience simple, practical techniques to start feeling better immediately.

Are you organizing a wellness event at your workplace?

I offer expert insights into the reasons why your employees have trouble falling asleep ,staying asleep, & waking refreshed.

I provide tired professionals with quick, easy-to-do techniques for increasing energy, focus, productivity, and creativity. 

I have a knack for synthesizing concepts from multiple modalities and presenting them in a way that’s accessible, practical, and engaging.

I guarantee your employees will leave feeling enthusiastic because they’ve taken away something new!


Wellness Topics

Below are some of my most popular presentations.
Each is available as a short talk (30-60 minutes) or a longer workshop (60-120 minutes).

“Lifestyle Habits That Are Wrecking Your Sleep”

This presentation is for busy professionals who are tired of the same old advice when it comes to getting refreshing sleep & restoring your energy, and want a different perspective. Participants will learn:

✔ Why natural sleep remedies can actually make things worse
✔ A reason for daytime fatigue that has little to do with sleep
✔ Why bedtime rituals and “sleep hygiene” techniques often fail to work
✔ Why being “good” with your food all day is sabatoging their sleep
✔ How to be “done” with sleep & energy challenges

Whether people have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or both, this presentation will show them the steps to take during their days that will lead to improved nights, refreshing mornings, & days with more consistent energy.

“Finding a Meditation Technique That’s Right for You”

This presentation is for busy professionals who have tried to meditate but are unable to “control their thoughts”. It’s also for those who are new to meditation and want to be successful. Participants will learn:

✔ Four concrete, practical benefits of meditation
✔ Common misunderstandings about meditation that can sabotoge practice
✔ Several different techniques and how to find one that fits them
✔ How to integrate meditation into their life & overcome common challenges

This presentation has been attended by hundreds of people over the years and not once has someone left without a do-able meditation method!

“Breaking Free of Emotional / Stress Eating”

This presentation is for stressed-out, busy professionals who know what they should be eating, but are challenged by stress-based (emotional) eating habits that thwart their best intentions.
Participants will learn:

✔ Whether they are a stress-eater or emotional-eater
✔ The physiological effects of stress on metabolism & calorie burning
✔ Why evenings are particularly challenging
✔ How to use the cephalic phase digestive response (CPDR) to help themselves

This presentation leverages knowledge from my training and experience as a Mind-body Eating / Eating Psychology Coach. (Watch a sample)

“Change Your Breathing Change Your Health”

This presentation is for people who are experiencing health and wellness challenges related to our busy, stress-filled lifestyles.
Participants will learn:

✔ Whether or not they’re breathing properly and the surprising implications of improper breathing
✔ A simple practice to correct disordered breathing
✔ Specific breathing techniques designed to:

      » Reduce stress and build stress resilience
      » Alleviate muscle tension / pain, including headaches
      » Provide relief from anxiety / depression
     » Increase energy
     » Improve attention and focus
     » Improve posture
     » Restore healthy blood pressure

The specific techniques covered are based on participants’ self-assessments at the start of the presentation.

Here’s what people say:

Kali is a tremendously skilled speaker with a manner that both engages the audience & senses their mood.

Photographic representation of Deb

I have gotten lots of positive feedback about the presentation from the attendees and recommend Kali to any corporate or community group needing a speaker.

Photo of Monica

Kali is a wealth of information on learning to be healthy, and I’ve found her workshops extremely valuable!

Photo of Sarah M

Thanks for the terrific presentation this morning. Lots of very positive comments from the audience.


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