Looks like you have a moderately severe sleep problem.

The good news is this: it’s a perfect time to start making changes!

Right now you may be wasting time and money on energy-regulating products or routines that are merely band-aids.

When you don’t address the root causes and underlying issues, you may be creating new health concerns or even reinforcing problems.

If your sleep isn’t refreshing and you have little energy for yourself and others, you may be hurting your professional and personal relationships.

Remember: your sleep struggles aren’t only about you: they impact the people and causes you care about most.

Improving your sleep and energy levels is a great way to care for yourself and others.

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Here are three things you can do to help yourself:

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The doorway to working with me privately is the Clarity Call. We’ll talk briefly about your sleep struggles and I’ll share some thoughts about how you might proceed. (There’s never pressure to enroll in a program.)

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Explore this 6-week, self-paced course. I designed this one specifically for those experiencing stress and lots of “mind chatter” at night. If you enjoy learning online and complete the course, you could be well on your way to sleeping better!

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Grab yourself a copy of Mastering Your Sleep Puzzle: Your 12-Week Guide to Sleeping Better to coach yourself through my step-by-step, yet flexible process that will work with your life.

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