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Mastering Your Sleep Puzzle:
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Throughout the book, I reference several worksheets you can download and use. You’ll find them all (plus a few more!) here. Print them out, grab a pen, and give your sleep and well-being the attention it deserves!


Here you’ll find videos for many of the yoga/meditation techniques and practices I describe in the book. Seeing me do them may help clarify an instruction. You can rewatch them a few times and follow along.


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Mastering Your Sleep Puzzle Book

About the Book

If you’re a stressed-out, busy person who struggles with sleep, you might be tired of the numerous “tips and tricks,” pills and products, apps and gadgets, and restrictive plans that fail to help you improve your sleep long term.

Mastering Your Sleep Puzzle shares a flexible 12-week process designed to help you:

💤 Uncover the many small contributors to your ongoing sleep challenges,

💤 Get clarity around which changes you can make to have the biggest positive impact on your sleep and energy,

💤 Meet often-overlooked, yet important prerequisites for achieving consistently refreshing sleep,

💤 Set sleep and well-being goals that consider both your lifestyle and what you care most deeply about,

💤 Future-proof your sleep while improving the overall quality of your relationships and your life.



In this ground-breaking self-coaching book, Kali Patrick skillfully marries sleep science, health and wellness coaching, and therapeutic applications of yoga/meditation to help you guide yourself back into naturally refreshing sleep.  Imagine a life where you get high-quality sleep more easily and consistently, have the energy to do the things that matter most, and be the person you most want to be. It’s possible, and you deserve to solve this puzzle now!

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What Readers Say

Kali’s approach to better sleep was truly life-changing for me. After years of resigning myself to the adage, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” Kali’s practical, holistic approach helped me discover exactly how my lifestyle habits & mindset were preventing me from high-quality sleep. I’m better rested & more productive thanks to the practices & habits I’ve acquired in this book. Kali has crafted a true resource you’ll learn from again & again!

Judi H.

Writer, Author, Writing Coach

This is not just a sleep training program. There are so many unexpected and appreciated benefits–beyond better sleep–that I never thought possible from the outset. Watching everything unfold before my eyes and seeing the 360° approach of what I can unlock from inside myself was humbling and dramatic.


Executive Vice President (Real Estate)

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