The Sleep Academy Course

Let’s face it: not sleeping well sucks.

On a day-to-day basis, you might feel more anxious, be unable to focus at work, and/or be impatient with loved ones at home.

You don’t have the motivation or energy to put toward achieving other health goals, or your personal passions. Life feels overwhelming, stress never-ending. There seems to be no way out.

When you’ve already tried to help yourself sleep better, not having anything work long-term is frustrating. I know, because if you’re here, it means you’ve done some research. Maybe trying to fix your sleep has even become a huge side project for you.

There are so many “sleep tips and tricks” out there! You could spend thousands of dollars on supplements, products, gadgets/trackers, & other sleep-aids. Trust me, I’ve been there, done that. 

It’s why I created this self-paced Sleep Academy course: to share an approach to sleep that ditches all the “stuff,” and helps you end your struggle once and for all.


I’m Kali Patrick, an adult Sleep & Well-being Coach. I’m passionate about helping people get the sleep (& rest!) they need. I’m a nationally-board certified health & wellness coach & have been coaching for over 10 years.

But I wasn’t always an expert sleeper myself! My former career was in hi-tech, where I mastered existing in a sleepless, stressed-out, & exhausted state until I burned out. So if you’re struggling with your sleep & feel as though you’ve tried everything to fix it, know that I can relate.

If you’re sick of stressing & worrying about your sleep & the toll it’s taking on your productivity, relationships, & health, you’re in the right place!

My Sleep Academy course combines health & well-being coaching techniques with practices from yoga therapy into a different & highly-effective sleep solution: one that actually works with you now, AND helps you future-proof your sleep.

Just imagine . . .

 That 6 weeks from now, you have confidence in your ability to sleep every night

How you would feel in your mind & your body when you wake feeling refreshed

That you never had to take a magic pill, buy another sleep product, or track your sleep ever again

 What you could achieve with all the extra energy!

Could it be possible for you to get refreshing, natural sleep once again? If you’re open-minded about an entirely different approach to sleep, then give the Sleep Academy course a go.

“I’ve learned so many hands-on techniques to help me with stress relief, better sleep, focusing better, & self-care habits. I’m much more at peace & happiness every day. Others have noticed a positive change in me too. This program is worth every penny!” – JF

What You’ll Get

6 weeks of short, information-packed lessons
(see details below), presented in 4 slide decks & 17 audio-video recordings ($1000 value),

12 downloadable worksheets to help reinforce mindset shifts & healthy sleep habits ($197 value),

4 fast techniques you can use immediately to move your energy up / down anywhere & anytime—with just 5 minutes
($ 97 value)

Support via email, directly from coach Kali,

A total re-aligning of your mind & body with natural rhythms so you can sleep easily, without pills or products! (priceless!?)

Note: Client privacy is very important: this person felt strongly about sharing her experience. She received no compensation for her testimonial & gave her full permission to be recorded.

Have questions? Check out the FAQ.

Yes, I’m ready to reclaim my sleep, energy, & enthusiasm for life!

What Others Say . . .

“Your materials & insights have been really helpful & so useful for why I’m waking up at 3 am every night!!”


“I wasn’t sure it would be worth the spend, but Kali helped me solve my sleeping problem by addressing the real issues in my life that caused chatter & anxiety. She helped me make positive changes in my sleep patterns & habits. Now, I can absolutely say that I’m a great sleeper! I no longer obsess about it–which is as close to a miracle as you can get!!”


“I can’t speak highly enough about how much Kali’s approach has made a very positive difference in my life. Worth every penny and every minute!”


“Exploring the practical side of things & experimenting with a variety of small changes in daily habits and practices is very helpful. It makes for bite-size goals, with flexibility & can result in feelings of achievement or growth. This is really important for highly fatigued individuals.”


“Kali makes wise & practical suggestions, helping you connect to your own wisdom. I felt empowered & grounded in my own ability to change.”


“This is not just a sleep training program. There are so many unexpected & appreciated benefits–beyond better sleep–that I never thought possible from the outset. Watching everything unfold before my eyes & seeing the 360 approach of what I can unlock from inside myself was humbling & dramatic.”


Some of What You’ll Learn . . . 

Why stress & poor sleep create a vicious cycle, and how to flip this feedback loop to work FOR you rather than against you.

How to identify hidden contributors to poor sleep & low energy, so you can make targeted changes.

What rest rhythm is, why NOT having it in the daytime is sabotaging your ability to get refreshing sleep at night, & simple ways to restore it.

How to work beyond “mind & body”–with FIVE layers of your human system–to reduce agitation & enable surrendering to sleep.

Techniques to use with 5-15 minutes to calm yourself anytime & reduce 3 am mind-chatter at night.

 How to reclaim time for your needs, face FOMO, & say “no” with guilt-free, healthy boundaries.

How to get clear about your dreams, set goals, & motivate yourself with “small wins” to permanently change poor sleep habits.

How to evaluate & overcome barriers to “future proof” your ability to rest and sleep well for the rest of your life.


Sleep Academy Course FAQs

Is this course right for me?

I work with people who are somewhat self-aware & love learning new things about themselves. I designed the Sleep Academy specifically for stressed-out, anxious, busy people who have tried a lot of different things to fix their sleep but are still not getting the results they want. If that’s you, & you’re serious about sleeping better, this course can help you.

What if I try it but discover I’m not that self-directed & I need more help?

Sometimes people enroll & then realize they’d like more accountability & would get better results working 1-1. Easy peasy. You’d book a Clarity Call & we’d talk about it. One possible result is a transition into a private coaching program, with the cost of the course subtracted. (Lifetime access to the course remains.)

How did you set the course price?

I wanted to make the course more affordable than private coaching. And, I strongly believe that when you do this course, it will greatly reduce (if not eliminate) the time & money you’ll spend on your sleep from now on. So many people are marketing products, pills, potions & gadgets to help with sleep these days. And the truth is, you don’t need ANY of them to get refreshing sleep!

Is there a money-back guarantee?

It’s hard for any coach to make a guarantee when at least 50% of the responsibility is on the client. That said, if you do complete the course & feel you’ve not gotten value from it, I will refund your money (less the processing fees). You do have to have at least gone through the entire course. That gives you 6 weeks from your date of purchase to request a refund. 

How long do I have access to the course?

You have access to this course for as long as it exists. You will also automatically get any refreshes / updates that I decide to make (& some are planned for 2023!).

Does the course come with any bonuses?

If you’re on my mailing list, you may receive “launch” emails towards the end of the year. During these times I offer a bonuses (which will also be posted on this page when available). But why wait for some free stuff when you can start sleeping better NOW?

The contents of this website / program should not be used as a substitute for a diagnosis and/or treatment from a qualified medical professional. Always seek the advice of your doctor and/or therapist with any questions you may have regarding medical conditions.