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If you . . .
wake up frequently & can’t fall back to sleep
feel anxious &/or your mind won’t shut off at night
have tried all the remedies & “quick” fixes
desire a drug- / substance-free, natural solution
are exhausted & want your energy back

. . . then Sleep Wellness Coaching may be the final solution for your sleep & energy challenges.

You probably . . .

power through with caffiene &/or sugary snacks
have trouble doing enough “unwinding” in the evening
want to have energy to be doing something healthier
feel “old”, weary, and unmotivated
wonder whether there’s something wrong with you

The truth is, something IS wrong. You should be able to get consistently refreshing sleep, & you shouldn’t feel so exhausted after a day.

If you’ve been searching for solutions for awhile, you may be focusing in the wrong place. Getting quality sleep often requires shifting how you think about rest & energy.

Sleep Wellness Coaching is . . .


Put an end to crowd-sourcing & experimenting with the latest substances that sedate you rather than provide quality rest.


Discover the ultimate solution to sleep & energy challenges given your unique history & present life circumstances.


Identify and remove your “change blockers” so lifestyle habits form easily and work for a lifetime of refreshing sleep!

Start sleeping better tonight & feeling better tomorrow.

Sleeping better also means . . .

. . .you become the best version of yourself you can be. At work, at home, at play, in life.


Strenghten your immune system so you stay pain-free, healthy & active.


Get more done in a day while remaining engaged & enthusiastic.


From your finances to your food, more easily make the choices that are best for you.


Remain patient and calmly respond to life’s challenges in ways you feel proud of later.


Have the energy to be fully present for people who rely on you for care & support.


Deepen your confidence in yourself: physically, mentally, emotionally.

I really appreciated the well-rounded, holistic nature of the coaching. Kali recognizes the multi-faceted nature of sleeping issues, and provides a ‘toolkit’ of practices, techniques and concepts that I can draw from and continue to develop further. I’m experiencing fewer middle-of-night wakeups and greater facility in getting back to sleep. I experience less hyper-reactivity of my body and mind to stressors in the environment. I am re-asserting control (or lack of control where needed) over certain areas of my life, e.g. stress and sleep; this is a positive and fundamental change.

Anonymous, Director

Ready to be done with all the “quick” fixes?

While Kali’s 12-week Sleep Wellness Coaching program is designed specifically for YOU, we do follow a standard process. We’ll meet on Zoom once a week. Between sessions you’ll receive comprehensive notes, have specific Action Steps to practice, & will have access to additional support.


Comprehensive Sleep Assessment

Ever have someone tell you what to do without fully understanding your problem or what your life is like?  No more. Your input & participation is a critical component of your wellness journey.


Customized, Natural, & Effective Techniques

Learn techniques to help your mind-body system remember what true relaxation & rest are like, setting you up to have a sound, restorative night’s sleep without the aid of any substances.


Break Down Barriers to Lasting Change

Set reasonable goals, identify resistance and break down stubborn barriers. Let go of self-sabotaging behaviors & feeling guilty about prioritizing your self-care.

Could consistently refreshing sleep change your life?

Who Kali Works With:

Kali has successfully coached many stressed-out, tired, busy people including:

self-described high-achievers & perfectionists
“cat herders, “fixers”, & care-givers
people who’ve “become their work” & want more
care-givers & health professionals
managers, directors, & corporate / industry leaders
self-employed solo- and entrepreneurs
legal, finance, business, communications, marketing, sales, IT professionals

. . . and many more. Maybe you’ll be next!


Kali makes wise and practical suggestions as well as helps you connect to your own wisdom. I greatly appreciated her guidance as well as felt empowered and grounded in my own ability to change. She is a uniquely wonderful combination of down-to-earth (working realistically with your current circumstances), intuitively insightful, and invites you to get curious about extending your limits so you can make lasting, fulfilling, and healthy changes that you deeply want.

Alison K., Entrepreneur

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