Sleep & Well-being Coaching with Kali Patrick

If you’re reading this on a phone at 3 am, you’re in the right place.

I’m Kali Patrick, & I created my sleep & well-being coaching programs because I struggled for 20 years before I figured out how to sleep better, naturally.

I’d love for you to get refreshing sleep with MUCH less time & effort!

I can help you even if:

you already tried everything,
your mind just won’t shut off at night, &/or
you have terrible sleep habits

Why am I so confident?

Because I don’t give advice (that you’ve likely heard a million times before).  I don’t sell or recommend any supplements or products.

The truth is, it’s totally possible to sleep better without all that stuff.

If what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked, then it’s time to do something different. There’s likely something you’re missing. That’s not your fault!

And, coaching can help you make new connections so you can sleep better both now & in the future, no matter what life throws your way.

Among others, Kali has been featured in:

Healthier Sleep Magazine
Castle Connolly Private Health Partners
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Why sleep & well-being coaching is different

(& why it works for adults who struggle with sleep)

I describe solving sleep challenges as being like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. If you don’t have all the pieces on the table, you’re going to have a heck of a time completing it!

I’m here to help you find all the pieces you need, & put them together in a way that improves your sleep experience.

My goal is also to teach you how to keep adjusting, so that future events don’t interfere with getting quality rest.


Stop using band-aids & creating anxiety around sleep! Instead, resolve underlying contributors to sleep struggles in a way that works for your life.


Stop working so hard on sleeping. Learn to retrain your mind-body system to effortlessly surrender to sleep–-as it should be, right?!


Stop Googling generic advice. Receive a therapeutically-based yoga/meditation practice from a trained teacher. This reduces over-stimulation that often fragments sleep.

Get started, get new answers

If this was the adult sleep solution that WORKED for you,
what’s the BEST that could happen?

“I am a mom of three, a type-A personality, & work full time. Over several years, I slowly slipped into having very bad insomnia. I was incredibly skeptical that one hour a week for 12 weeks would help me. I am happy to say, I was very wrong. Kali empowered me & made me realize how capable I am of getting a good night sleep without completely changing everything about my life.”

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Adult Sleep & Well-being Coaching Options

All sessions are 60 mins & take place over a secure, Zoom-based telehealth system.



  • Proprietary sleep assessment
  • Initial consultation
  • Sleep soundly plan
  • 5 follow-up coaching sessions
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break sleep stress cycle


  • Proprietary sleep assessment
  • Initial consultation
  • Sleep soundly plan
  • 11 follow-up coaching sessions
  • Comprehensive notes from each session
  • Customized therapeutic yoga/meditation practice
  • Lifetime access to the Sleep Academy
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“Kali helped me solve my sleeping problem by addressing the real issues in my life that caused chatter & anxiety. She helped me make positive changes in my sleep patterns & habits. Now, I can absolutely say that I’m a great sleeper! I no longer obsess about it–which is as close to a miracle as you can get!!”

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Stop struggling & start sleeping!

Mindset Shifts Required to Reclaim Your Sleep
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Sick of stressing & worrying about your sleep? Tired of the impact poor sleep is taking on your productivity, relationships, health & well-being? Learn a different approach in my free video series.
Mindset Shifts Required to Reclaim Your Sleep
If you’re sick of worrying about your sleep & tired of poor sleep impacting your productivity, relationships & well-being, you need the different approach described in these videos.
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