Your Solution for Refreshing Sleep & More Energy

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Does this sound like you?

Your stressed-out, busy mind won’t let you fall asleep; it just keeps working . . .
✔ You wake up frequently during the night
✔ You describe yourself as “wired & tired”
✔ You have trouble concentrating or are irritable
All you really want to do is nap!
✔ You’ve tried all the remedies . . . but still can’t seem to get the refreshing sleep and consistent energy you want so badly.

You probably . . .

Find ways to keep going because you must: you power through with coffee, energy drinks, and/or sugary snacks.

At the end of your day you collapse onto the sofa and decompress with a glass of wine (or beverage of choice!). You know you should be doing something else, but you’re just so damn tired.

You might even start to think there’s something wrong with you, that you’re so low on energy.

The truth is, something is wrong. No one should feel this depleted after a day!

Are you done with all the “quick” fixes?
Are you ready for a permanent solution?

Kali’s 12-week Sleep Wellness Coaching program is designed specifically for YOU:
your problems, your busy life, your goals, your history.


Comprehensive Sleep Assessment

Ever have someone tell you what to do without fully understanding your problem or what your life is like?  No more. Your input & participation is a critical component of your wellness journey.


Customized, Natural, & Effective Techniques

Learn techniques to help your mind-body system remember what true relaxation & rest are like, setting you up to have a sound, restorative night’s sleep without the aid of any substances.


Break Down Barriers to Lasting Change

Set reasonable goals, identify resistance and break down stubborn barriers. Let go of self-sabotaging behaviors & feeling guilty about prioritizing your self-care.

I help people sleep better so they can stay healthy and spend more time with people & activities they love.

After years of trouble, I qualified to participate in a sleep study.

I slept overnight in a hospital bed while connected to several wires, with people behind a one-way mirror observing me. I had no diagnosis, but left with a prescription.

Unhappy with the results, I went the holistic route, dabbling with supplements like valerian and melatonin. Each worked for a time, but overall my restless, sleepless nights continued.

Years later I learned I was focusing my efforts in the wrong place.

Once I knew what to change, my sleep dramatically improved. My energy became sustainable throughout the busiest of days.

Getting quality sleep requires shifting how you think about rest & energy & making some lifestyle tweaks. 

If you’re DONE with insomnia, tired of remedies that don’t work,  & ready to reclaim your energy and sanity, I can help you feel better.

Sleeping better also means . . .

. . .you become the best version of yourself you can be. At work, at home, at play, in life.


Get more done in a day while remaining engaged & enthusiastic.


From your finances to your food, more easily make the choices that are best for you.


Remain patient and calmly respond to life’s challenges in ways you feel proud of later.


Have the energy to be fully present for people who rely on you for care & support.


Deepen your confidence in yourself: physically, mentally, emotionally.


Strenghten your immune system so you stay pain-free, healthy & active.

Studies continue to show that good sleep is the foundation of health. Your health is priceless.

Who I Work With

I work with stressed-out, tired, and busy people from many different walks of life, including those who are:

Self-described high achievers and perfectionists

Experiencing significant change (e.g. promotion, relocation, etc.).

In leadership or care-giving roles

Working in law, finance, business, communications, sales, marketing, engineering

High-tech professionals employed by small start-ups or established companies

Traditional health care workers and/or alternative / complementary medicine professionals

Established and newly-minted entrepreneurs

And many more . . . .

What Others Say

“Kali makes wise and practical suggestions as well as
helps you connect to your own wisdom. I greatly appreciated her guidance
as well as felt empowered and grounded in my own ability to change.

She is a uniquely wonderful combination of down-to-earth (working realistically with your current circumstances), intuitively insightful, and invites you to get curious about extending your limits so you can make lasting, fulfilling, and healthy changes that you deeply want.”

— Alison K.