Sleep Wellness Coaching with Kali Patrick

Do you:

Struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep, or stay asleep long enough to feel rested?
Have a mind that won’t shut off at night or worry about your lack of sleep & energy?
Have a nighttable covered with bottles & vials?
Have another full time job researching tips & tricks to help you sleep?
Spend a small fortune on gadgets & products designed to help you sleep better?
Lack the ability to comply with rigid rules about restricting your sleep?

If so, then Sleep Wellness Coaching may be the answer to your sleep challenges.

Is Sleep Wellness Coaching right for me?

I really appreciated the well-rounded, holistic nature of the coaching. Kali recognizes the multi-faceted nature of sleeping issues, and provides a ‘toolkit’ of practices, techniques and concepts that I can draw from and continue to develop further. I’m experiencing fewer middle-of-night wakeups and greater facility in getting back to sleep. I experience less hyper-reactivity of my body and mind to stressors in the environment. I am re-asserting control (or lack of control where needed) over certain areas of my life, e.g. stress and sleep; this is a positive and fundamental change.

Anonymous, Director

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Here’s how I help:

This 12-week Sleep Wellness Coaching program follows a process I designed to give you long-term results, while working in the context of your busy life. It includes:

1. Comprehensive Sleep Assessment

Discover the combination of physical, mental, emotional, & energetic factors impacting your sleep, so we can target strategies to be maximally effective.

2. Weekly Virtual Coaching Sessions

We’ll collaborate on your Sleep Wellness vision & goals, then use your Assessment results to work your individualized path to more consistently refreshing sleep.

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3. Weekly Action Steps & Accountability

After each session you’ll receive comprehensive notes & specific steps to take during your week. You’ll learn to build on your strengths & successes.

4. Support in Making Crucial Mindset Shifts

We’ll re-prioritize rest & sleep, learn to set & maintain boundaries, & reduce anxiety so you can surrender to sleep.

5. Sleep Support Practices

While we’re resolving the root causes of your challenges, you’ll learn short, natural techniques to help you relax & fall asleep faster (without leaving your bed).

6. Establish a Foundation for Lasting Change

We’ll uproot sources of self-sabotage, remove guilt around self-care, & establish adaptbility so you build on your progress.

Could you start sleeping better tonight & feeling better tomorrow? Find out.

Sleeping better also means . . .

. . .you become the best version of yourself you can be. At work, at home, at play, in life.


Strenghten your immune system so you stay pain-free, healthy & active.


Get more done in a day while remaining engaged & enthusiastic.


From your finances to your food, make the best choices for yourself more easily.


Remain patient and calmly respond to life’s challenges in ways you feel proud of later.


Have the energy to be fully present for people who rely on you for care & support.


Deepen your confidence in yourself: physically, mentally, emotionally.

Kali makes wise and practical suggestions as well as helps you connect to your own wisdom. I greatly appreciated her guidance as well as felt empowered and grounded in my own ability to change. She is a uniquely wonderful combination of down-to-earth (working realistically with your current circumstances), intuitively insightful, and invites you to get curious about extending your limits so you can make lasting, fulfilling, and healthy changes that you deeply want.


Stop struggling & start sleeping!