“I’m better rested & more productive thanks to the practices & habits I’ve acquired in this book.” -J.H.

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Imagine a life where . . . 

You get high-quality sleep more easily and consistently . . .

You have the energy to do the things that matter most, and . . .

You can be the person you most want to be . .

It’s possible and you deserve it now!

Mastering Your Sleep Puzzle: Your 12-Week Guide to Sleeping Better

In this ground-breaking self-coaching book, Kali Patrick skillfully marries sleep science, health & wellness coaching, and therapeutic applications of yoga/meditation to help you guide yourself back into naturally refreshing sleeep.

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If you’re a stressed-out, busy person who struggles with sleep, you might be tired of the numerous “tips & tricks,” pills & products, apps & gadgets, and restrictive plans that fail to help you improve your sleep long term.

Mastering Your Sleep Puzzle shares a flexible 12-week process designed to help you: 

💤 Uncover the many small contributors to your ongoing sleep challenges,

💤 Get clarity around which changes you can make to have the biggest positive impact on your sleep and energy,

💤 Meet often-overlooked, yet important prerequisites for achieving consistently refreshing sleep,

💤 Set sleep and well-being goals that consider both your lifestyle and what you care most deeply about,

💤 Future-proof your sleep while improving the overall quality of your relationships and your life.

About the Author

Prior to becoming a sleep and well-being coach, Kali Patrick spent more than two decades working in and managing teams within hi-tech organizations. Her certifications in health and wellness coaching, coupled with her training in yoga/meditation and Yoga Therapy, is complimented by her personal experiences with both insomnia and burnout.

Kali now helps stressed-out busy people learn to sleep better, so they can focus wherever they work, be present and engaged with family at home, and have energy left over to pursue personal passions. Kali especially has success with people who struggle with sleep due to stress and overactive minds.

Kali has addressed audiences at Harvard University, presented at HubSpot’s INBOUND conference, and delivered webinars for large organizations, including GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) and WEST (Women in the Enterprise of Science & Technology). She offers corporate webinars, event videos, and coaching sessions for employees of businesses around the world.

As a writer, Kali has been featured in Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, the World Sleep Society’s Healthier Sleep magazine, and she’s been quoted in The Boston Globe as a sleep and wellness expert. Mastering Your Sleep Puzzle is her first book, and upon release became a #1 bestseller on Amazon.

Kali Patrick, Adult Sleep & Well-Being Coach; author

Praise for Kali & the Book

Kali’s approach to better sleep was truly life-changing for me. After years of resigning myself to the adage, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” Kali’s practical, holistic approach helped me discover exactly how my lifestyle habits & mindset were preventing me from high-quality sleep. I’m better rested & more productive thanks to the practices & habits I’ve acquired in this book. Kali has crafted a true resource you’ll learn from again & again!


This is not just a sleep training program. There are so many unexpected and appreciated benefits–beyond better sleep–that I never thought possible from the outset. Watching everything unfold before my eyes and seeing the 360° approach of what I can unlock from inside myself was humbling and dramatic.


I gave this book a shot because I wish I slept a little better, but it’s about so much more than sleep. Following the suggestions in the book has improved my relationships, helped me feel better about my parenting, led to me making time for activities I’ve long neglected but that bring me joy, and generally kept me calmer, more positive, and happier. I highly recommend this book.


I’m experiencing few middle-of-the-night wake-ups & greater facility in getting back to sleep. I’m reasserting control (or lack of, where needed) over certain areas of my life, e.g. stress & sleep; this is a positive & fundamental change.


Order your copy of Mastering Your Sleep Puzzle today & get the sleep you deserve!