Sleep & Well-Being Coaching Consultation

If you’re struggling despite trying everything, learn how to reclaim your natural sleep & energy in a sleep & well-being coaching consultation.

Kali Patrick Adult Sleep Coaching

I’m Kali Patrick, & I specialize in helping stressed-out, busy people get more consistently refreshing sleep.

You can spend more days (& nights!) online, searching for “tips & tricks for better sleep.”

You can throw more of your hard-earned money into the $30 billion sleep aids market, where companies will sell you the latest pill, blanket, or gadget that won’t solve your problem long-term.

Or, you can invest in yourself: begin naturally improving your sleep, replenishing your energy, & learning skills that will last a lifetime.

You’ve landed here. What choice will you make?

3 Simple Steps to Sleeping Better



After you pay the consultation fee, you’ll receive an email to schedule your session at a day & time that works for you. We’ll be meeting on Zoom (camera off is A-OK!).



I’ll send you my proprietary sleep assessment, which you’ll complete 24-hours before your session. We’ll use it to discover the underlying causes of your sleep challenges.



You’ll walk away with an insight you didn’t have before, and a whole different strategy to get you on the path to sleeping better! Additional support is available but not required.

Are you ready to learn how to get refreshing, NATURAL sleep again?

Do you stress about falling asleep, &/or struggle to stay asleep during the night?

Do you dream of having more energy to fuel your career, be present with your family, or pursue your personal passions?

Do you wonder whether you would benefit from Sleep & Well-being Coaching?

If so, I invite you to experience a single sleep & well-being coaching session & see for yourself!

Yes, I’m ready to prioritize sleeping better, so I can start living my very best life.


What former clients say about Kali:


“Exploring the practical side of things & experimenting with a variety of small changes in daily habits and practices is very helpful. It makes for bite-size goals, with flexibility & can result in feelings of achievement or growth. This is really important for highly fatigued individuals.”


“This is not just a sleep training program. There are so many unexpected & appreciated benefits–beyond better sleep–that I never thought possible from the outset. Watching everything unfold before my eyes & seeing the 360 approach of what I can unlock from inside myself was humbling & dramatic.”


“I am a mom of three, type A personality, & work full time. After realizing I never felt energetic or present the day after taking natural pills to help me sleep, I knew I needed something else. I was incredibly skeptical but I am happy to say, I was very wrong. I highly encourage you to try it for yourself–it will be the best investment you ever make!”


One day out of complete desperation from another horrendous insomnia cycle, I found Kali by doing a Google search. I can’t speak highly enough about how much Kali’s approach has made a very positive difference in my life. She really listened to me & helped me prioritize my health & well-being without compromising my values–such as being there for others. Worth every penny and every minute!


“I wasn’t sure it would be worth the spend, but Kali helped me solve my sleeping problem by addressing the real issues in my life that caused chatter & anxiety. She helped me make positive changes in my sleep patterns & habits. Now, I can absolutely say that I’m a great sleeper! I no longer obsess about it–which is as close to a miracle as you can get!!”


“I knew my health was in jeopardy & you can’t put a price tag on having less anxiety & restful sleep. I made a conscious decision that I was worth it. I am so much happier & have better sleep habits as a result. Putting my self care first has made me a better person. Others have noticed a positive change in me too. This program is worth every penny.”

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