Resources to Help You Sleep Better

If you’re an adult having trouble sleeping, you’re in the right place. I’m a sleep & well-being coach whose view of chronic sleep struggles is different than most “experts”. I believe everyone deserves to (& can!) wake feeling rested without all the hoopla! Below you’ll find some resources to help you.

Lifestyle Habits Wrecking Your Sleep

In this free series you’ll learn MY basics, including: why many popular sleep remedies can make things worse & why bedtime rituals often fail to work.

Sleep Mindset Video Series

A free video series based on themes I’ve seen from hundreds of private coaching sessions. Shifting your mindset is especially important if you’ve struggled with sleep for years.

Self-Care Challenge

If you suffer from revenge bedtime procrastination, take this free challenge. Learn how to take care of yourself during the day, even when time is short.


Join the Sleep Academy today!


This is my signature DIY course, which I designed specifically for those who can’t fall back to sleep due to anxious, over-active minds. Short, self-paced lessons with lifetime access at a low cost. For people who want a different approach to sleeping better.


Specialized, yoga-based support for improving your sleep & well-being:

If you’re looking for coaching or aren’t sure which you need, book a clarity call above or click here.

Fall 2022 Beginners Yoga Series
 (Limited to 10 participants)

If you are interested in yoga but aren’t sure you can do it, you can! In this 6 week series I’ll show you all the basics (& some things I wish I learned earlier!), so you’ll feel comfortable & safe taking a class. Zero prior knowledge or experience is required.


Therapeutic Yoga & Meditation Classes (Monthly Group)

Small virtual group sessions suitable for all levels & body types. Each class is designed to help reduce stress in your mind & body & prepare you for a great night’s sleep!


Yoga Nidra: A Deep Relaxation Experience

A specific guided meditation that restores your ability to rest. This “yogic sleep” is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness.
SAVE THE DATE: 9/21 & 12/7


Therapeutic Yoga Sessions
 (Private by Appointment)

Private, 1-1 sessions; after you’ll receive a customized practice to do on your own. Use it as a natural way to stay healthy or to help address nagging wellness issues that remain unresolved.