Feeling more stressed or anxious lately?

Meditation For Stress Relief – A Special Seminar

Worried about COVID-19? Missing your daily routine? Feeling lonely? Not sleeping well? Improve your immune system, calm anxious thoughts: learn to meditate.


✔ Feeling anxious about getting COVID-19?
✔ Worried about older members of your family who aren’t nearby?
✔ Lacking a daily routine or any self-care?
✔ Feeling like you’re trying to juggle too many things and have no time?
✔ Not sleeping well?


✔ An easy-to-do technique you can turn to when you’re feeling at your wit’s end?
✔ More compassion for and patience with the people closest to you?
✔ Improved immune system function so you stay healthy as long as possible
✔ More capacity to be there for colleagues & friends who are struggling right now?
✔ Increased focus to handle what needs to be done?

Join the “Meditation for Stress Relief” seminar! 

Whether you’ve tried meditating before without success, or you want to use the time you now have to learn a skill that will last a lifetime, this seminar is for you.


✔ What we’re really trying to accomplish by “meditating”
✔ Lesser-known benefits about why you’d want to meditate that can change your life
✔ Why you have a hard time controlling and/or stopping your thoughts
✔ The primary obstacles to meditation & how to overcome them
✔ Multiple ways of meditating that don’t all require you to sit still!

No app required!

When: Thurs, March 26, 2020, 10 am – 12 pm ET
Where: Online via Zoom (it’s super easy to use!)
Cost: $49 only $29

Join others who are looking to do something special during this special time.

What people say . . .

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Thank you for sharing your skills and passion.
I’m feeling better.


Fantastic! Kali is a tremendously skilled speaker with a manner that both engages the audience & senses their mood.


Kali is an highly knowledgeable teacher, and her classes are enlightening, effective, and fun. She is by far the best teacher with whom I have had the pleasure of working.


Kali is a wealth of information, and I’ve found her seminars extremely valuable! She  empowers you by sharing tools and techniques so you can continue the work yourself.

Sara M.

I have been taking classes from Kali for about 2 years, and she is the ultimate professional. Her technical ability to teach is second to none, and her classes are physically, mentally, and spiritually what I need.


Kali is wonderful at imparting her knowledge in both an individualized and group settings. I have been to several workshops–Kali is always well prepared and every time I come away with new knowledge.

Sara L.
About Kali Patrick

Kali Patrick is an Experienced Therapeutic Yoga Teacher & Sleep Wellness Coach. She’s been practicing yoga and meditation since 1994, and teaching since 2012.

Her practical, down-to-earth, and light-hearted approach to these topics enables her to successfully work with busy professionals, entrepreneurs, & caregivers.