Mind-body Wellness Coaching FAQ

I created this page to answer some of the questions I receive about coaching, and about working with me specifically.

What is Mind-Body Wellness Coaching?

Relieve stress and anxiety Newton Boston health coachMind-Body Wellness Coaching means different things to different people. To me, it’s a relationship that leverages the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic human systems in an empowering way so that you can improve your health situation long-term.

As a Mind-Body Wellness Coach, I am a guide who:

  • helps you see your current challenge in a different light, so you can discover the root cause, change your mindset, and finally get unstuck
  • affects change not just through talking, but also through your physical body and energetic body (via the breath)
  • believes in your ability to take an active role in improving your life, regardless of how long you’ve been suffering (because I have seen this happen with my clients!)
  • acknowledges your busy life and provides short, practical assignments you’ll actually want to do and be able to do, despite everything else you have going on
  • understands that what what healed me may not heal you; I’m committed to helping you uncover the unique approach(es) that will help you live your best life

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What Health & Wellness Concerns Do You Specialize In?

I specialize in working with busy people who face the following challenges:

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Who Do You Typically Work With?

Because of my training, my past experience, and who I am today, I typically work with high-level professionals, entrepreneurs, and other busy people; mostly those between the ages of 30-65. I have worked with attorneys, IT professionals, finance folks, stay-at-home moms, retirees, and people from all walks of life. I do not, however, work with teens or children.

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Where Do I Meet You?

If you’re local to the Waltham, Massachusetts area, it’s certainly an option to meet you in person. I’ll travel to clients in Belmont, Boston, Lexington, Lincoln, Newton, Wayland, Wellesley, Weston, Watertown, etc. (For chronic pain programs, it’s preferred.)

But even if you’re local you might like to meet virtually using the video conference software Zoom. It saves travel time; plus with this option I can coach you no matter where you live!

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What is My Time Commitment?

Ideally, the initial commitment for Mind-body Wellness programs is 12 weeks. That may sound like a lot, but think about how long you have been struggling with your issue–for some clients it’s years. My ideal clients recognize it takes at least this amount of time to re-train their mind-body system to work differently and that there is no such thing as a “quick fix”: you have to do the work to form new habits, to let go of others, and to “ride the wave” of the ups and downs that are inevitable along the way. Among other things, this takes time, diligence, and patience!

New clients meet with me once a week for about an hour, at least initially. Each week clients complete an online check-in form, and do take-home work between sessions (15-30 minutes)!

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How Are You Different?

Here are some answers to that question:

I don’t assume the solution that worked for me is going to work for you. (Honestly it’s a pet peeve, when providers think that what helped them is exactly what will help everyone!)

Instead of a solution, what I have is a process, which I’ve successfully used with clients over the years. It provides structure for our coaching while allowing us to discover the unique combination of techniques that will work for you. At a high level, the process includes:

  • Creating a clear vision, setting reasonable goals toward living that vision, and regularly checking in
  • A comprehensive assessment of your primary health issue(s), including questions about your work, your relationships, your lifestyle, your history, etc.; essentially anything that can have an effect on your present health or well-being
  • Offering you different perspectives, or ways of looking at your health condition than you may have heard before
  • A customized movement & breathing practice (read more about why here)
  • A Change Capacity Assessment and strategies for removing your top 1-3 “change blockers” (learn more here)

I’m holistic and I’m also extremely practical.

I’m me!? 🙂 Ever notice how sometimes someone will say something to you, and you won’t hear it, but someone else will say the same thing and it will be super enlightening? Sometimes the rapport with someone is the most important aspect of the process.

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How Much Does it Cost?

Your 20-minute Complimentary Consultation is just that, complimentary! It is required for all new coaching clients (unless you do a Discovery Session instead). The cost of your 60-minute Discovery Session can be applied to a program purchase if you decide to work with me, and will give you a much better understanding of what it’s like to be coached.
During the consultation or session, we’ll talk about program pricing, because it depends on which program is right for you!

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How Can I Learn More About You?

  • First, check out my About page to learn more about my journey and qualifications.
  • Then get a feel for my style by signing up for my monthly newsletter, reading my blog posts (both in sidebar), checking out my YouTube Channel, etc.
  • If you’re local, join me at an Upcoming Event.

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Where Can I See What Others Have Said About You?

The most comprehensive place is my Testimonials Page, which includes feedback across all conditions and things I do–e.g. 1-1 coaching, therapeutic yoga, talks/workshops, etc.