Looking for Stress Resilience?

  • Are you struggling with a never ending “to do” list?
  • Do you work in a culture where giving 120% is the norm, and/or are you the primary caretaker for others who seem to need you all the time?
  • Do you feel disrespected or unappreciated for how much you contribute?
  • Are you stressed out, overwhelmed, and anxious, and recognize you absolutely must take better care of yourself, but can’t imagine where you’d find that time?

You probably think your work or your home-life would fall apart if you stopped doing anything you’re doing. How could you make any money if you took time for self-care? How would you ever get the promotion (or keep your job!) if your boss didn’t see you busting your hump? What would happen to your ailing father if you weren’t the sibling tending to his medical appointments? There’s just no choice: you have to find the energy to plow-through. Besides, how could you be so selfish?

Stress management WalthamThe truth is, there is another choice.

You can develop the courage to set and maintain boundaries at work and at home–boundaries that strengthen your relationships and encourage others in your life to take back responsibility for what’s theirs. Learn to distinguish what’s urgent from what’s important, and gain confidence in saying “no” to what doesn’t absolutely light you up! Use time gained from letting go of obligations and unrealistic expectations to rejuvenating yourself. Have the space to do what’s necessary for your own well-being and growth.

My 12-week coaching program can help you see that you do have other choices, and specifically what those choices are. You’ll get clarity on why you might be stuck in the pattern of giving and never taking. You’ll get a plan, advice, and support about how to make these changes so you can stop rushing around. You’ll develop courage and confidence to ask for what you want and get it. By caring for yourself better, you’ll become a more effective caregiver for others.

Savor your newly-found freedom to do more of the things you crave—whether that’s cooking, gardening, sleeping, reading, or something else. You’ll once again be able to take a deep breath, and start enjoying life again!

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What People Are Saying

Photo of Dr. Khanh

Kali is AWESOME! She tailored a practice specifically for me–my health and fitness goals and my “on the go busy lifestyle.” I use my practice to this day, especially the breathing ones, for sleep and stress. Kali also fine-tuned my yoga poses that I’d been practicing for years and it really made a difference–putting less

Dr. Khanh Nguyen
Photo of Justin

Kali Patrick is an unusual lifestyle transformation coach, as she has literally walked the walk. She once lived the 9-5 corporate life, working in “fast paced” high tech startups, and she knows first hand the kinds of stress that modern working life can dish out. She has a remarkable passion for comprehensive healing and personal

Justin L.
photographic representation of Jenn

As a self-employed attorney, I’ve quickly realized that my own self-care is the key to my business success. Kali was instrumental in getting me started down the road of determining how I wanted to approach my self-care. She knew just how to challenge me to push myself while also taking the time to understand my

Jenn R., Attorney
photographic representation of Jenny

I was going through a very tough time in my relationship and decided that I needed outside help. I’ve never met someone so genuinely caring and who could give me the outside perspective I needed. As I continued seeing her we began incorporating yoga practices into my sessions to help relieve stress from

Jenny S., MFM Sonographer