Packages & Pricing

I work with my own coach and mentor, and I remember what it’s like to be asked to pay for something you’re not sure will work for you, or when you’re not entirely sure what “it” is. This is why I hope to answer as many of your questions as possible, why we do the complimentary consultation, and why I list my fees below.

In return, here are two things I kindly ask you to keep in mind:

  • Coaching is my work and how I make a living.
  • While it’s important to do your homework, sometimes you have to trust, to take a leap of faith, and experience something new.

If during our complimentary consultation we agree to enter into a coaching relationship, we will talk about the best option for you, which may be one of these packages. Note:

  • You must pre-pay for your package (unless we make other arrangements).
  • All packages have a 6-month expiration date.
  • The 12-session package includes my comprehensive program specific to your condition (e.g. sleep troubles, stress/anxiety, emotional eating, or chronic pain), which we’ll discuss in your complimentary consultation.
  • All sessions are 60-minutes long and we’ll talk via Zoom video software (or by phone).
  • You must sign and return coaching contracts prior to our first session.
  • I do not accept insurance.
6-week Mind-Body Wellness Coaching Package Details3-week Mind-Body Wellness Coaching Package Details