Looking for Relief from Chronic Pain?

  • Are you struggling with pain that’s lasted for months or years?
  • Do you lack a diagnosis, or have one that remains unsolved by conventional and alternative treatments?
  • Are you worn-down, anxious, or depressed by this condition which prevents you from fully participating in your life and contributing to your family?

Chronic pain management Newton
 Alternative treatments for chronic pain Boston Natural chronic pain relief non opiod pain relief  You probably think you’ll never find a fix for your pain situation. Maybe you even feel like one of these days as you’re plugging through, you’ll just keel over, and then maybe someone will figure out what’s wrong! Or, you might be wondering what you did to deserve this. While you know medications can help, you’re also wary and/or concerned about the effects of taking them long-term. You’re willing to get to the bottom of this.

The truth is, you can. In cases of chronic pain, a diagnosis is not likely to fix you. Medications can get you over a rough patch, AND healthy, long-term solutions often involve making significant lifestyle changes. It’s often difficult to slow down the pace of our lives, but it’s necessary when our bodies are rebelling and trying to convey an important message. The fastest path to healing is to stop, listen, and learn.

My 12-week program for chronic pain can help you do that. When you invest in Mind-body Wellness Coaching coaching, I’ll help you cultivate the patience and compassion necessary to explore your pain situation in a way that helps you uncover root causes. I’ll help you discover and make optimal choices for regaining some of your vitality and your health.

Together we’ll move toward a more active future where pain, fatigue, and mental / emotional distress isn’t controlling you, and you’ll know how to help yourself–beyond opening the medicine cabinet. You’ll meet this challenge as the unique opportunity it is to get curious about your life, to determine what is/isn’t working for you, and to make adjustments that will help you both now and in the future.

I’m ready to get my life back. Schedule my Discovery Session now.

What People Are Saying

Photographic representation of Prasad

I suffer from chronic low back pain due to my herniated discs and PT and chiropractic therapy were helping in the short term. That’s when I got to meet Kali through work. I started taking her yoga and meditation class offerings and started seeing immediate benefits. The best aspect is that she adapts to her

Prasad, R., Software Quality Engineering Manager
Photographic representation of Robert

Kali has the right stuff; a healer with incredible talent. My main complaints were wrist and side-torso pain, as well as feeling out of sorts. From the moment Kali began her Reiki treatment, the warmth generated by her presence soothingly calmed me to the point I fell into a deep, restful state. At the end

Robert Gracey, MAc, DiplAc (NCCAOM), LAc
Photographic representation of Don O

Kali helped me take better care of myself. I learned how to keep from re-injuring myself and my pain decreased. The homework assignments encouraged me to make lifestyle changes. The breathing exercise is very remarkable, it helps me to relax and sleep better. I HIGHLY recommend working with Kali.

Don O., Territory Manager
Photo Representation of Greg P

Kali was a great instructor for what I was looking for. We began working together in a Beginner Series and she was extremely good at going through some basic poses and the foundational aspects of yoga. From these classes I could tell she was very passionate about her work and showed a genuine interest in

Greg P., Technical Operations Manager

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