Explore Ayurveda: a Well-being Workshop

In this special well-being workshop, we’ll explore the basics of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda–known as a “science of life and longevity”–is a holistic system of medicine that originated in India several thousands of years ago.

A compliment to any practice of yoga as well as to traditional medicine, Ayurveda provides ancient yet practical wisdom for living a less effortful life by living in harmony with nature, helping to restore balance to all the body’s systems.

In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn:
  • how to identify your Ayurvedic constitution (called a dosha)
  • how you can use this information to maximize your health & well-being, including:
  • how to feel more consistent energy during the day & sleep better at night
  • how to improve your diet without feeling cheated
  • how to exercise more efficiently & effectively
  • and more!

Workshop Details

WHEN:  Wednesday, May 25, 2022 at 7 pm ET
WHERE: Online via Zoom (link sent post-registration)
COST: $25


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Kali’s interest in Ayurveda began within her study of yoga and its therapeutic applications. In addition to her numerous yoga certifications, Kali has nearly 3 decades of teaching and personal experience with the Ayurvedic concepts she’ll share with you.