“How to Tame Your Anxious Mind (so you can sleep already)!”

A fully online, self-help program available at deep discount May 2020.

Gentle (Therapeutic) Yoga

A 4-week series of live streaming classes, Thursdays from 7:30 – 8:30 pm during the month of June.

Gentle is a slow, therapeutic, beginner-friendly style of yoga that focuses on relaxation and stress-reduction.

If you have questions, please send me a note.


Lifestyle Habits Wrecking Your Sleep Webinar

At least 1 in 3 adults struggle with sleep challenges. We’re smart people who read articles and blogs, listen to podcasts, buy weighted blankets, and download sleep apps to track and help us sleep. We know what temperature our bedrooms should be, we try to exercise and eat right, we take supplements. Yet many of us STILL have concerns about our nightly sleep & daily energy. It’s time for a different perspective: one that helps us understand and address the root causes of our sleeplessness.

Participants will learn:
✔ Why natural sleep remedies can actually make things worse
✔ Why battling anxious thoughts at 3 am doesn’t help
✔ A reason for daytime fatigue that has little to do with your sleep
✔ Why bedtime rituals and “sleep hygiene” techniques often fail to work
✔ Why being “good” with your food all day could be backfiring
✔ How to be “done” with your sleep & energy challenges

When:  Tuesday, May 26th 7-8 pm ET
Where: Online via Zoom (link sent after registration)