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Welcome to the Sleep Academy course!

First things first: I’m so PROUD of you for making this investment in your health & well-being! I’m excited for you and am eager to hear from you throughout your journey in this program. While this course is self-guided, there will be many opportunities for us to interact.

Now, some logistics to help you navigate your way through the Sleep Academy course:

  • Below you’ll see a list of modules for you to complete. If you only see “Introduction” at the moment, that’s OK: new ones appear on a schedule (discussed later).
  • Click the Expand button next to “Introduction” to see the different lessons in that module.
  • Throughout, you’ll see videos, quizzes, and worksheets (that you can download, use, and keep).
  • If you have any questions or technical challenges, please do email me at I’m here to cheer you on and support you in any way I can!
  • Click on the text “Introduction” to get started now.

Best wishes for your day (& night),