How to Fold a Yoga Blanket: Spine Support (Video Series)

Kali shows how to fold a yoga blanket so you can lay on it face up (with it along your spine); opens the chest and shoulders, releases the sacrum, etc.

7 Common Barriers to Meditation, and How To Overcome Them

Since I started leading a weekly meditation group a few months ago, I’ve chatted with lots of folks about meditation–both those who are interested (but don’t attend) as well as those who do (but don’t meditate on their own). Throughout those conversations, I’ve discovered that people are aware of¬†meditation’s numerous health benefits, and seem to…
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How to Fold a Yoga Blanket: Ab Muscle Release Sequence (Video Series)

Kali demonstrates how to release tense abdominal muscles using a blanket rolled in 3 positions. Students have experienced relief from IBS and similar symptoms; please consult your doctor if you have these conditions before attempting.

4 Ways to Not Lose Your S**t While Driving in Traffic

I originally wrote this post in May 2014, when I was still newly driving in a new “driving culture”, and in a city with extremely limited public transportation. While I’m comfortably back in the driving scene of the Boston area (which has a terrible reputation but I fit right in), I feel this is a…
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Why Do Mind-Body Wellness Coaching Programs Work?

As a Mind-Body Wellness Coach, I’m often asked questions like: “What makes you different?” and “Why can you help me when [other technique] didn’t work?”¬† These are very good questions to ask, and I enjoy answering them. One answer is: each of my clients receives a customized movement and breathing practice as part of their…
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Person sleeping restfully in the dark.

6 Methods for Getting a Refreshing Night’s Sleep

If you: Take much longer than the recommended 10-20 minutes experts say it should take you to fall asleep, Wake up in the middle of the night, unable to return to a restful sleep, Have trouble getting your body to relax, or your mind to be quiet enough to sleep, Wake still feeling tired, or…
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Thoughts From the Latest Self-care Challenge

I’ve been running the Self-Care Challenge quarterly, for about 2 years now. I’m always inspired and motivated by the participants in the challenge. I love hearing about how they’ve taken the day’s challenge and made it their own. I can relate to their questions, their struggles, and their accomplishments. This past February, however, felt very…
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How to Fold a Yoga Blanket: Support for Your Seat (Video Series)

Kali shows how to use the yoga blanket to raise your hips a little and tilt your pelvis forward, for seated yoga postures.

Kali’s Story: Women in Business Breakfast

On February 12 I was honored to be the guest speaker at the Waltham Chamber of Commerce’s “Women in Business Breakfast” event. Here is the recording of me sharing my story, and of course, throwing in some mindfulness exercises along the way! (~20 minutes)

How to Fold a Yoga Blanket: Padding for Kneeling Postures (Video Series)

From the basic storage fold, Kali demonstrates how to use the blanket to protect knees and ankles while in kneeling postures.