More Than Just Mind & Body

The “Mind-Body” connection has become a mainstream concept, and even more of a “buzzword” of late. As you may know, I use therapeutic yoga to help people sleep better, establish lasting healthy eating patterns, and find relief from chronic pain and stress. As such, I find that more and more I’m teaching my clients about…
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4 Reasons to Double Down on Your Self-Care

We all experience times in life when things get busier than usual. Some examples include: Buying or selling a house, moving Having a baby (or babies, as in the case of my friends!) A new job, change in an existing job, quarter or year-end, etc. A change in a family member’s health that requires special…
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Being Heard is a Requirement for Healing

The other day I spent some time with a new client who suffers from a chronic health issue. She had some trouble finding her way to me, and was 30 minutes late to her appointment. Still, we spent 15 minutes longer than her allotted appointment time, and I didn’t get through everything I’d planned for…
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How to Improve Your Sleep Efficiency

How tracking sleep efficiency and influences on sleep help identify areas for improvement, and why internalizing it is crucial to long-term success.

What qualifies as “drama”, anyway?

The other morning I was practicing* a Celtic cross tarot spread. I asked the question: What do I most need to know today? The second card in this spread (layout) represents opposing forces, and I got the 10 of swords. In my deck, “The Wild Unknown” by Kim Krans, this card is ominous: a colorless…
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Let Go & Never Give Up: A Poem about Chronic Illness

I’ve experienced chronic pain and illness Worked with clients who have no spoons left Watched friends who have struggled enough We are: Ambitious. We have dreams. Goals. We want to do good in this world. We embark on our journey, following our dreams, looking to live our calling. Something happens. Nothing happens. Our systems say,…
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photo of coffee beans

Designing a healthy morning ritual, one step at a time

Most people who find out that I get up around 6 am every day think I’m crazy. While I’ve always been a morning person, I read a lot about how a healthy morning ritual would set me up to have a great day, experimented with different things over time, and experienced the benefits firsthand. My…
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Photo of bean salad

3 Bean Salad: a Quickie Meal that Goes a Long Way

This isn’t an original recipe, though I admit to forgetting where I first saw it, and even what the original ingredients were! Like many recipes I like, I end up modifying them, making substitutions and trying different combinations of things. If I make the dish more than once, this helps keep things fresh and interesting.…
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photo of leafy green

What does “being healthy” really mean?

I’ve encountered this question in many different places–in the blogs I subscribe to, in the articles I read, and in various talks about health and wellness topics. This question is interesting to me because the real question for people is, “what does ‘being healthy’ mean to you?” The answer is a highly individual one. The…
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Is it “Taste Worthy?”

Years ago, as I was emerging from my struggles with overeating and binge eating, I faced a dilemma. I knew I had to ease up on my self-imposed restrictions (because they were part of why I binged). Yet, I didn’t trust myself to make good decisions. I started to use a very simple question: Is…
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