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Kali Patrick Adult Sleep & Well-being Coaching

“I was consistently going to bed at 2:30 am & getting up at 8:30 – not enough for a busy executive. I was exhausted all the time. My initial concern was that I would just hear more of the same–don’t watch TV in bed; don’t drink caffeine late; stay away from screens at night. But we talked very little about those things because they weren’t the problem! I appreciated Kali’s thought-provoking questions, which led me to new personal discoveries & got at the root cause of my sleep challenges. I’ve started other healthier practices as well; my lack of sleep was producing all kinds of negative side effects–-including body aches, fatigue, & low energy. If you’re being pulled in a million directions & realize your pace is not sustainable nor healthy, I encourage you to meet with Kali!” –C.N.

“After benefiting from a few coaching sessions offered as a supplement to the Sleep Academy course, I decided to do the full 12-week 1 – 1 coaching program with Kali. I chose to continue with her 1– 1 because I had found a kindred spirit, & my sleep already began to improve. One stand-out experience was when Kali coached me through writing & adopting a personal vision statement that directs my daily work, family, & self-care decisions. I am a better partner, employee, matriarch, & friend. Her methodology has helped me improve my sleep in a way that’s specific to my needs, & the results have been nothing short of transformative.” –K.G.

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“I did not have true optimism when I started. But I received a high recommendation from someone I trust, & I made a mental decision to trust the process. The major change is my bedtime routine; I was surprised I could fall asleep without the TV on. I’m also better at my middle-of-the-night brain chatter & am able to shut that down. Kali is gentle, respectful & cheerful as she guides you through the coaching process.”


I always gained new insights & ideas, but more importantly, felt like I made real progress. Before coaching, my mindset was, ‘how do I fix this ASAP?’ Now, my mindset is: ‘how might I lay a more solid foundation for what life will throw at me next?’ I loved how personalized the coaching experience was. I was engaged & excited about where our journey would lead to next.”


“I am a mom of three, a type-A personality, & work full time. Over several years, I slowly slipped into having very bad insomnia. I was incredibly skeptical that coaching would help me. I am happy to say, I was very wrong. Kali empowered me & made me realize how capable I am of getting a good night sleep without completely changing everything about my life.”


“When I started coaching with Kali I was super anxious, high strung, had poor sleep habits, & self care was last on the list. Kali helped me tackle my anxiety & redirect unhealthy behavior patterns so I could achieve restful sleep. She helped me recognize my strengths & build confidence. I am so much happier now–prioritizing myself has helped me become a better person in all areas of my life.”


“This is not just a sleep training program. There are so many unexpected & appreciated benefits–beyond better sleep–that I never thought possible from the outset. Watching everything unfold before my eyes & seeing the 360 approach of what I can unlock from inside myself was humbling & dramatic. Kali has a roadmap & a process that is tailored to your life & your needs. She is calming, patient, caring, inquisitive & easy to speak with. You’ll look forward to the sessions.”


“I appreciated the well-rounded, holistic nature of the coaching. Kali recognizes the multi-faceted nature of sleeping issues, & provides a toolkit of practices, techniques, & concepts that I can draw from & continue to develop further. I’m experiencing fewer middle-of-the-night wake-ups & greater facility in getting back to sleep. I’m reasserting control (or lack of, where needed) over certain areas of my life, e.g. stress & sleep; this is a positive & fundamental change.


“I wasn’t sure it would be worth the spend, but it only took a session to realize how effective sleep  coaching would be. Kali helped me solve my sleeping problem by addressing the real issues in my life that caused chatter & anxiety. She helped me make positive changes in my sleep patterns & habits. Now, I can absolutely say that I’m a great sleeper! I no longer obsess about it–which is as close to a miracle as you can get!!”


“One day out of complete frustration & desperation from another horrendous insomnia cycle, I found Kali through a Google search. I had tried numerous natural alternatives, over the course of 30 years, only to be disappointed. Working with Kali was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I learned how to repurpose my strengths to make a difference not only with my sleep, but in other aspects of my life. Kali listened to me & helped me prioritize my health & well-being without compromising my values–such as being there for others.”


“Kali makes wise & practical suggestions as well as helps you connect to your own wisdom. I greatly appreciated her guidance as well as felt empowered & grounded in my own ability to change. She is a uniquely wonderful combination of down-to-earth (working realistically with your current circumstances), intuitively insightful, & invites you to get curious about extending your limits so you can make lasting, fulfilling, & healthy changes that you deeply want.”


“Kali is supportive & very practical. I can’t recommend her enough if you need a little support in how to take better care of yourself.”


“I can’t speak highly enough about how much Kali’s approach has made a very positive difference in my life. Worth every penny & every minute!”

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