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learn yoga

Beginner’s Yoga Series

✔️ Have you been interested in trying yoga but don’t know if you can do it? ✔️ Do you have injuries or other physical issues that limit your mobility, or cause you ongoing pain? ✔️ Want to learn the basics so you feel more comfortable joining a class? If so, I have important news for…
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therapeutic yoga to help you sleep

Therapeutic Yoga to Help You Sleep Better

Most people who want to sleep better naturally have tried yoga or meditation. In my experience as a Sleep & Well-being Coach, only about half find these practices useful. That’s because when it comes to sleep & barriers to it (like stress, anxiety, mind-chatter, etc.), one has to choose & sequence these techniques skillfully. Fortunately,…
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Kali Patrick Graduates Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Program

Press release announcing Kali Patrick’s successful completion of an IAYT-certified yoga therapy training program.