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adapt sleep divorce

Do you adapt when your sleep situation changes? Learn from a sleep divorce.

How well do you adapt when your sleep situation changes? Learn from a sleep coach’s story of a temporary “sleep divorce”.

Portugal (2018)

Much thanks to my friend Cinzia who kept talking about the beauty of Portugal, and was the inspiration for this trip. Last year we didn’t leave the country but rather relocated ourselves back to Boston. Of course, traveling to Portugal from the East Coast is much easier than had we still been living in Austin…
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Belize (2016)

After traveling far and long the past few years, I decided to select a location for 2016 that would be: Easy to travel to from Austin, Texas Offer an opportunity to rest and relax quickly (i.e. in a little over a week) For this I selected the country of Belize and the St. George’s Caye…
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Czech Republic (2015)

First, a huge thank you to one of my yoga students, Jill, who innocently asked me “so where are you going this year?” and started this whole adventure. After spending a lot of time, money, and energy in Yoga Therapy training throughout 2015, I had thought I should just skip the trip this year. But…
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Practical Tips for Traveling to New Zealand

Here are some things I learned by traveling to New Zealand for the first time. Let me know if you have any to add! If you’re from the U.S., it’s a LOONG flight so be prepared. To make travel feel better on your body, follow some of the tips I gave for India. Thankfully you…
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Practical Tips for Traveling to India

Here are some things I had to figure out and learn specifically about traveling to India for the first time. I hope they might be useful to you! Passport / Visa I worked with a woman at my company and ItsEasy to get my passport visa. It was relatively straightforward and they kept in good…
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New Zealand (2014)

Our recent trip to New Zealand was definitely an incredible experience. The stories and photos you will see here cannot begin to capture what it was like, but I’m going to try anyway! Please see also Practical Tips for Traveling to New Zealand. Part I: Christchurch (South Island) Traveling to Christchurch Touring the Post-quake City…
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Italy (2006)

Welcome to my first documented, international travel adventure: Italy! Part I: Roma | Part II: Firenze | Part III: Venezia Part I: Roma May 12 – May 15, 2006 On Friday afternoon, we got a cab to Logan airport (prior to the tunnel collapse). Buddy, from Central Taxi, was very interested in our trip and…
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Antigua (2007)

OK, I’m not usually one to take 2 trips in one calendar year, but this one was too good to pass up. I was at the Veranda Resort & Spa this December, enjoying the 50% off all-inclusive beach weather while Boston got it’s first ice storm. (Don’t hate me.)   Dec 1 – Dec 8,…
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Greece (2007)

This page is dedicated to the tales of my trip to Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini with my friend Pam. (And yes, we’re still friends. So much so, we’re looking at Chile and Argentina for 2009!) Part I: Athens | Part II: Mykonos | Part III: Santorini   Part I: Athens Sept 13 – Sept 15,…
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