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improve sleep efficiency - blog

How to Improve Your Sleep Efficiency

Learn the best way to track your sleep efficiency, so you can identify areas for improvement & achieve long-term sleep success.

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7 Common Barriers to Meditation, and How To Overcome Them

Do you have trouble meditating? You’re not alone! Here are 7 common barriers to meditation & some suggestions to help you overcome them.

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What are your health & wellness values & beliefs?

When it comes to your health, your belief systems and personal values are critical when it comes to making changes that last.

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Soothe Yourself with CCF Tea

CCF tea is a soothing, healing tea that’s easy to make. It’s an Ayurvedic recipe that’s balancing for most people.

triphala tea for sleep - blog

An Experiment with Triphala for Sleep

Before Kali became a sleep and well-being coach, she experimented with lots of things, including triphala. Would it help her sleep better?