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Soothe Yourself This Winter with CCF Tea

CCF tea is a healing herbal tea that’s easy to make. Here’s an Ayurvedic recipe that’s soothing to most people.

“Dig One Well”

What does “dig one well” mean, & more importantly, how can it help you sleep better & improve your health & well-being?

3 Simple Steps to Improving Your Sleep

If you’re looking to improve your sleep long-term, here are 3 simple (but not necessarily easy!) steps you may need to take.

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How Getting into Your Body Can Change Your Mind

A personal story to illustrate one example of how getting into your body (through a mindful walk) can change your mind.

triphala tea for sleep

An Experiment with Triphala for Sleep

Before Kali became a sleep wellness coach, she experimented with lots of things, including triphala. Would it help her sleep better?