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corporate well-being programs burnout

What Corporate Well-being Programs Need to Succeed

Corporate well-being programs are missing key components. Here’s what’s required for employees to heal & flourish in the workplace.

rest & relax

What is rest & why you need it

You may have forgotten what true rest is & why  you need it. Reconnect with rest for better sleep & a more balanced, healthy life.

adapt sleep divorce

Do you adapt when your sleep situation changes? Learn from a sleep divorce.

How well do you adapt when your sleep situation changes? Learn from a sleep coach’s story of a temporary “sleep divorce”.

4 Reasons Why Adults Come to Sleep Coaching

What it is you deeply want (and will have!) when you are sleeping better? Here are just 4 reasons why adults come to sleep & well-being coaching.

tips to sleep

3 Tips to Help You Stay Asleep

If you have a habit of waking up, explore these 3 “tips” to increase the likelihood that you’re stay asleep at night.

get stuff done get to sleep

4 Strategies to Help You Get Stuff Done & Get to Sleep

If unfinished projects keep you worrying & planning at night, try these 4 strategies to help you get stuff done so you can get to sleep already.

laughter to sleep

Do you need more laughter to sleep better?

Do you need more laughter to sleep better? Read on to find out how positive emotions can help resolve sleep challenges.

Sleep Quiz Results

Poor sleep may be starting to become a pain (maybe even literally)! You’re not alone.Kali Patrick Adult Sleep & Well-being CoachingAt least 1 in 3 adults (over 70 million Americans) struggle with sleep challenges. And, just one night of short sleep can have a huge impact on your health, not to mention how you feel…
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Sleep Quiz Results

You likely don’t have a problem with sleep. Remember: it’s natural to have an “off” night every now & again.Kali Patrick Adult Sleep & Well-being CoachingThis is especially true if you’re experiencing some temporary stress–for example, from a move, a new job, the start or close of a relationship, a new health concern, etc.Knowing this…
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Sleep Quiz Results

You need to improve your sleep, immediately. The good news is this: it’s never too late to make changes!Every day new research shows how crucial high quality sleep is for our health & well-being. Here are just a few reasons why you need to prioritize your sleep now: If you haven’t already talked with your…
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