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stressful anxious thinking

Using Stressful, Anxious Thinking to Get What You Need

Learn how to use stressful, anxious thinking to get what you really need during the day, so you can improve your sleep at night.

How to Sleep Despite the Heat: 10 Ways to Cool Hot Flashes

If hot flashes are disrupting your sleep or making it worse, learn 10 ways to cool hot flashes. Keep making your sleep a priority!

pandemic anxiety stress tips to sleep better

Anxiety Keeping You Awake? 10 Tips to Help You Sleep Better Despite Pandemic Fear

If you’re overwhelmed with pandemic anxiety and suffering from insomnia as a result of the stress, here are 10 tips to help you sleep better.

alternatives to self-medicating

Re-thinking Self-medication: 7 Alternatives to Help You Feel Content

To deal with chronic stress, many self-medicate. But is this the only tool in the toolbox? Learn 7 alternatives to help you feel content.

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How to Get Through Work During Times When Sleep is Lacking

People often have bouts of sleeplessness. Here are some costs of sleepiness & ways to stay alert without hurting your future sleep.

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4 Ways to Relieve Some Anxiety During a Pandemic

Whether you’re new to feeling anxious or feel your anxiety heightened right now, here are 4 ways to help relieve some anxiety in the midst of the pandemic.

4 Reasons to Double Down on Your Self-Care

Trading self-care time for other things when life is busy is common. Learn why taking time back for self-care is doubly important now.

What qualifies as “drama”, anyway?

Learn a simple process for recognizing & eliminating drama that creates stress, negatively affecting your days (& likely your nights too!).

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What does “being healthy” really mean?

Do you have a clear picture of what “healthy” means to you? Without a personalized vision, it’s hard to make lasting progress; we’re either aiming for someone else’s goals or a fuzzy goal at best.

Why Do Sleep Wellness Coaching Programs Work?

Clients start doing the “right” thing without thinking so much about willpower, discipline, or control.