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13 Scary Ways to Take OFF Your Masks This Halloween

What if instead of putting masks on, you used Halloween as a springboard for expressing more of your authentic self?

What qualifies as “drama”, anyway?

Learn a simple process for recognizing & eliminating drama that creates stress, negatively affecting your days (& likely your nights too!).

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What does “being healthy” really mean?

Do you have a clear picture of what “healthy” means to you? Without a personalized vision, it’s hard to make lasting progress; we’re either aiming for someone else’s goals or a fuzzy goal at best.

7 Common Barriers to Meditation, and How To Overcome Them

Do you have trouble meditating? If so, you’re not alone! Here I answer frequent questions & discuss common struggles during meditation.

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How NOT to Just Say F**k It: 5 Strategies for Getting Back on Track

When your rebel rises to the surface, how can you get back on track when it comes to your health and wellness goals?

Raise Your Resolutions to a Higher Plane: 5 Do’s & Don’ts for New Year’s Planning

Learn a new way to make New Year’s Resolutions & stay connected to your desires in mind & body all year long!

How to Keep a Peaceful Mind in Your Daily Life

A tool from yoga that can be very useful in maintaining your equanimity in the face of daily life challenges.

What are your health & wellness values & beliefs?

When it comes to your health, your belief systems and personal values are critical when it comes to making changes that last.

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How Getting into Your Body Can Change Your Mind

A personal story to illustrate one example of how getting into your body (through a mindful walk) can change your mind.