The Busy Person’s Guide to Better Sleep

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Five Ways to Stop Your Mental Chatter & Start Sleeping

Why am I still thinking instead of sleeping? If your mind often races, learn some strategies for this common problem that don’t require leaving your bed.

What You Need to Know Before Joining the Nap Club

Why do you sometimes wake up more tired from a nap? How long should a nap be? Will napping will impact night sleeping? And in general, is napping a wise choice? Find out here.

How to Improve Your Sleep Efficiency

Tracking your sleep can initially be useful–this post teaches you how to calculate your sleep efficiency. It also shares why I do not feel tracking is effective as a long-term solution.

Designing a Healthy Morning Ritual, One Step at a Time

4 steps you can use right now to create a morning routine that will set you up for consistent energy throughout the day.

6 Methods for Getting a Refreshing Night’s Sleep

Here are 6 less-talked-about, natural sleep remedies you might want to experiment with to fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer.

Sleep’s New Nemesis

Learn the simple reason why sleep experts advise turning off screens a few hours before bedtime, & why taking melatonin is…well, kinda silly.

Insomnia from the Perspective of Chinese Medicine

Even when it feels like we’ve tried it all, there’s always something new to learn. In this video blog I speak with my friend & colleague Chris about insomnia.

Even Wellness Professionals Need Help with Health

And that’s OK! You may know what to do, but do YOU make time to experience the very self-care practices you recommend to others? What stops you from asking for help?

4 Reasons to Double-Down on Your Self-Care

In extra busy times it can be easy to rationalize how taking back the 30 minutes you spend on self-care could help make life easier. Here’s why you should ignore that voice.

More Than Just Mind & Body

I use principles from therapeutic yoga to help busy people sleep better & regain energy. As such, I find that more and more I’m teaching my clients about the many “layers” of their system & how to get more effective results with less effort.

10 Things I Do at Night So I Have a Stress-Free Morning

If you’re someone who worries, plans, and stresses about the next day while lying awake in bed at night, know that taking care of some things before you hit the sack can be extremely helpful in getting your mind to relax.

3 Simple Steps to Improving Your Sleep

if you’re looking to improve your sleep, you will always make progress if you can follow these 3 simple steps.

“Sleep comes naturally when mental activities cease without effort.”

— B.K.S. Iyengar