What are your health & wellness values & beliefs?

When it comes to your health, your belief systems and personal values are critical when it comes to making changes that last.

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Soothe Yourself This Winter with CCF Tea

CCF tea is a healing herbal tea that’s easy to make. Here’s an Ayurvedic recipe that’s soothing to most people.

“Dig One Well”

What does “dig one well” mean, & more importantly, how can it help you sleep better & improve your health & well-being?

SurrENDer to Spring

Spring is often a time of clearing. For some it’s about lightening the load; for others, about making space for new. What do you need to clear for yourself this spring?

Kali Patrick Graduates Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Program

Press release announcing Kali Patrick’s successful completion of an IAYT-certified yoga therapy training program.

3 Simple Steps to Improving Your Sleep

If you’re looking to improve your sleep long-term, here are 3 simple (but not necessarily easy!) steps you may need to take.

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How Getting into Your Body Can Change Your Mind

A personal story to illustrate one example of how getting into your body (through a mindful walk) can change your mind.

triphala tea for sleep

An Experiment with Triphala for Sleep

Before Kali became a sleep wellness coach, she experimented with lots of things, including triphala. Would it help her sleep better?

Why I Said “Goodbye” to my IUD

One woman’s experience with an IUD, including how she listened to her body & decided to ultimately do away with it.

4 Ways to Not Lose Your S**t While in Traffic

Traffic creates stress for many people. Here are some tips on how to cope, regardless of where you’re commuting to/from!