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Welcome to the “Busy Person’s Guide to Better Sleep,” written by adult sleep & well-being coach Kali Patrick.

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Support for Healthy Sleep

In my experience, support for healthy sleep doesn’t involve special products or bedding. It goes much broader and deeper than that (which is why you might still be struggling). Here are some posts to reorient you.

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rest and relax to sleep - blog

What is Rest & Why You Need It

You may have forgotten what true rest is & why  you need it. Reconnect with rest for better sleep & a more balanced, healthy life.

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why adult sleep coaching - blog

4 Reasons Why Adults Come to Sleep Coaching

What it is you deeply want (and will have!) when you are sleeping better? Here are just 4 reasons why adults come to sleep & well-being coaching.

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tips to stay sleep - blog

3 Tips to Help You Stay Asleep

If you have a habit of waking up, explore these 3 “tips” to increase the likelihood that you’ll stay asleep at night.

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Removing Barriers to Lasting Change - blog

Removing Barriers to Create Lasting Change

Categorizing barriers into one of three buckets–excuses, challenges, and real–can help you remove them by applying an appropriate strategy.

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Pesky Sleep Disruptors

Life is full of things that threaten the quality of your sleep. Some are in your control; others teach you how to adapt. Some things that disrupt sleep might originally seem like a good idea. Start separating myths from truth.

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sleep divorce - blog

Thinking about a sleep divorce? Here’s four things you should know.

Thinking about a sleep divorce? Here’s four things you should know about sleeping separately.

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Bedtime Routines - blog

Can My Bedtime Routine Guarantee a Refreshing Night’s Sleep?

Many people believe that if they unwind before bed with a routine, they’ll sleep well. But will it?

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catch up weekend sleep - blog

Can I Catch Up on Lost Sleep Over a Weekend?

Many believe if they don’t get enough sleep during the week, they can catch up on the weekend. Are they correct?

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side sleeper - blog

Hacks for Achy Side Sleepers

If you’re a side-sleeper, you’ve probably woken up with a sore bottom shoulder. Learn how to fix that so you can sleep more comfortably.

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Work, Rest, & Sleep

Are you a busy professional who needs help prioritizing your own sleep? Do you want to help others in your organization be the best they can be? Check out these posts.

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reduce stress routines - blog

How Routines Reduce Stress & Help You Get Stuff Done

Routines help reduce stress & allow you to get stuff done. Learn how to create helpful habits that integrate the realities of a blended work and home life.

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increase afternoon energy - blog

7 Highly Effective Ways to Increase Your Afternoon Energy

If you struggle with low energy as the day goes on, here are 7 highly effective ways to increase your afternoon energy–without taking a nap.

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corporate well-being programs burnout - blog

What Corporate Well-being Programs Need to Succeed

Corporate well-being programs are missing key components. Here’s what’s required for employees to heal & flourish in the workplace.

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get stuff done get to sleep - blog

4 Strategies to Help You Get Stuff Done & Get to Sleep

If unfinished projects keep you worrying & planning at night, try these 4 strategies to help you get stuff done so you can get to sleep already.

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The Stress-Sleep Cycle

When daytime stress keeps you awake at night, and poor sleep at night impacts how well you deal with life’s challenges, you might feel stuck in a catch-22. But you can flip the stress-sleep cycle from negative to positive.

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laughter to sleep - blog

Do you need more laughter to sleep better?

Do you need more laughter to sleep better? Read on to find out how positive emotions can help resolve sleep challenges.

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backslide habits

What to Do When You Start Backsliding Into Old Habits

What can you do when you start backsliding into old habits? Here’s a 3-step method to get you back on track.

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stressful anxious thinking - blog

Using Stressful, Anxious Thinking to Get What You Need

Learn how to use stressful, anxious thinking to get what you really need during the day, so you can improve your sleep at night.

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sleep if stressed

3 Ways to Sleep Better (Even If You’re Stressed)

If you’re feeling stressed in anticipation of an upcoming event, getting a good night’s sleep is the secret to being your best.

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Your Mind & Your Sleep

How you think about rest, sleep, & self-care, as well as your mental health, are closely linked. Your mind can help you sleep better, and it can rob you of the sleep you need. Start here if your mind needs a tune-up.

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wide awake at 5 a.m.

What To Do When You’re Wide Awake at 5 A.M.

If you’re wide awake at 5 a.m. and uncertain about what you should do, here are a few strategies to help you.

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sleep worse before better - blog

Will Your Sleep Get Worse Before It Gets Better? Only Maybe.

Is your bad night of sleep a cause for gloom and doom, or is it a necessary stepping stone that will bring you closer to what you want?

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stop sabotaging your sleep - blog

How to Stop Sabotaging Your Sleep

If your body is tired but your mind keeps you awake, these two mental mistakes may be to blame. Here’s how to stop sabotaging your sleep.

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stop busy mind - blog

How to Stop Your Busy Mind & Start Listening to Your Intuition

Stopping your busy mind so you can start listening to your intuition is a useful strategy that can support your sleep, health, and overall well-being.

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