Adult Sleep & Well-being Coaching with Kali Patrick


Stop struggling and start sleeping 

so you can be the very best version of yourself all areas of your life!

You have a dream: to fall asleep easily, to stay asleep through the night, & return sleep to its place as an easy, natural part of your life.

I have the training as a nationally board certified health & wellness coach and therapeutically-trained yoga & meditation teacher to help you finally make that happen. 

Join my tribe of expert sleepers who have overcome their sleep struggles, prevented (or recovered from) burnout, & who now enjoy refreshing, uninterrupted sleep with less work & without “stuff”.

adult sleep & well-being coaching Kali Patrick


You have trouble falling asleep because of a racing mind, a restless body (or both)!

✓ It’s unlikely you’ll stay asleep through the night, you wake around 3 am, or you just can’t get back to sleep if you get up 

You want healthy sleep habits but can’t seem to stick to expert-recommendations or routines

Trying supplements, getting drugs from doctors, or sedating yourself only leaves you feeling groggy the next day

You’re waking too early, don’t wake feeling refreshed, or don’t have enough energy to get through your day


I’ll ask you questions about your sleep & energy. I’ll want to know a little about your professional & personal life, what you’ve tried before, & whether any factors complicate your sleep situation (e.g. stress, anxiety, or chronic illness / pain). 

If adult sleep & well-being coaching is a good approach for you, I’ll let you know why, & answer your questions–including how many sessions you might need & how much it costs. If not, I might refer you to someone else who could help.

I’ll listen to you & hear you. 

There’s no pressure to buy anything, ever. I only take on clients I truly believe I can help!

Get started, get new answers

If adult sleep & well-being coaching WORKED for you, what’s the BEST that could happen? How would YOUR life change?

“I am a mom of three, a type-A personality, & work full time. Over several years, I slowly slipped into having very bad insomnia. I was incredibly skeptical that one hour a week for 12 weeks would help me. I am happy to say, I was very wrong. Kali empowered me & made me realize how capable I am of getting a good night sleep without completely changing everything about my life.”

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adult sleep & well-being coaching Kali Patrick

Are you ready to solve your sleep puzzle?

Solving sleep challenges is much like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. 

If you don’t get all the pieces on the table, you’re going to have a hell of a time completing it! This is what keeps you working so hard & never getting the result you want.

I’m here to help you find all your pieces, & put them together in a way that permanently transforms your sleep experience.

I’ll also help you learn to adjust & “future proof” your sleep, so life’s challenges no longer have the power to interfere with your rest.


Eliminate the distraction of current sleep fads & stop feeding sleep anxiety. I’ll help you discover & change what contributes to your poor sleep so you can wake feeling rested.


Stop working so hard & reclaim your energy for something or someone you love. I’ll help you retrain yourself to effortlessly surrender to sleep–-as it should be, right?!


Stop Googling generic yoga & breathing advice. I’ll teach you the most efficient practices to help calm your busy mind & reduce restlessness in your body.

“Kali helped me solve my sleeping problem by addressing the real issues in my life that caused chatter & anxiety. She helped me make positive changes in my sleep patterns & habits. Now, I can absolutely say that I’m a great sleeper! I no longer obsess about it–which is as close to a miracle as you can get!!”

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Stop struggling & start sleeping!

Mindset Shifts Required to Reclaim Your Sleep
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Sick of stressing & worrying about your sleep? Tired of the impact poor sleep is taking on your productivity, relationships, health & well-being? Learn a different approach in my free video series.
Mindset Shifts Required to Reclaim Your Sleep
If you’re sick of worrying about your sleep & tired of poor sleep impacting your productivity, relationships & well-being, you need the different approach described in these videos.
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