Learn to Tame Your Anxious Mind
So You Can Get Some Sleep Already.

Are you ready to:

  • Stop battling your mind & fall asleep quickly
  • Get back to sleep easily if you wake between 2-4 am
  • Keep yourself from stressing & worrying instead of sleeping
  • Stop paying for remedies that provide only temporary relief
  • End the cycle of exhaustion & frustration
  • Learn from an experienced Sleep Wellness Coach

Then decide right now to stop suffering & change your life!

Kali Patrick Sleep Wellness Coach

I’m Kali Patrick, your Sleep Wellness Coach

  • I’m a former high-tech manager with 20+ years corporate experience
  • I experienced (& successfully emerged from) my own sleep-stress cycle, so I understand these issues intimately
  • I’ve been helping people with anxious, over-active minds sleep better & improve their energy since 2012
  • I’m passionate about helping you navigate the delicate balance between high productivity & optimal health

Kali’s helped people at:

Tufts Health Plan - classes
PayPal - Classes
GSK - classes
Plymouth Rock - Classes
Walmart eCommerce - Webinars

What You’ll Get

  • 7 short, information-packed self-paced modules
  • Video & audio recordings of mindset-shifting content
  • Worksheets to help you dig deeper
  • Practical, 5-minute techniques do-able anywhere & anytime
  • Support from coach Kali

The high-quality sleep & consistent energy
that supports your active lifestyle!

sleep better self help

What People Say . . .

I’m far busier with work now & it’s been tough to get a restful night’s sleep… your materials & insights have been really helpful & so useful for why I’m waking up at 3 am every night!!


I am kinder to myself now. I was holding myself to higher, often unrealistic standards that I would not hold others to.


Kali makes wise & practical suggestions, helping you connect to your own wisdom. I greatly appreciated her guidance & felt empowered & grounded in my own ability to change.


The breathing techniques have helped me fall asleep faster & wake up feeling refreshed.


Yes I want to tame my anxious thoughts & sleep already!

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