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Kali’s Sleep Academy

The 7-step online course for busy people who are tired of being tired!

I’m Kali Patrick, & I’m a sleep wellness coach who has been where you are now: frustrated, tired, & not sure what else you can do.

You’d love to shut off your busy mind & just wake feeling rested for once! You’re so sick of stressing & worrying about your sleep & the toll it’s taking on your productivity, relationships, & health.

I created the Sleep Academy to give motivated people like you access to many of the uniquely effective tools & techniques I use with my 1-1 clients, at a fraction of the cost.

  • What if you had confidence in your ability to sleep well, without having to pop a pill?
  • How would you feel in your body & mind if you got consistently refreshing sleep?
  • What if you never had to buy another sleep product, or track your sleep ever again?
  • How would your impact at work, at home, & in your community change as a result of your newfound energy?

Are you ready to re-learn how to get solid, NATURAL sleep?

I’ve learned so many hands-on techniques to help me with stress relief, better sleep, focusing better, & self-care habits. I’m much more at peace & happiness every day. Others have noticed a positive change in me too. This program is worth every penny.

Jen F.

Among others, Kali’s been featured in:

Healthier Sleep Magazine
Castle Connolly Private Health Partners
National Coach Academy interview by Brandon at

What You’ll Get

  • 7 short, yet information-packed content modules (see details below)
  • A complete re-training of your mind-body system so you can sleep well without taking pills or buying any products
  • Video & audio recordings to help you restore balance to an overactive nervous system so sleep comes easily
  • Worksheets to reinforce important mindset shifts about your sleep & help you overcome what keeps you stuck
  • Efficient, effective, & natural techniques to help you move your energy up or down, do-able anywhere & anytime for immediate relief
  • Email-based support throughout the course, directly from coach Kali

A value of over $1,000.

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What People Say . . .

Your materials & insights have been really helpful & so useful for why I’m waking up at 3 am every night!!


I am kinder to myself now. I was holding myself to higher, often unrealistic standards that I would not hold others to.


Kali makes wise & practical suggestions, helping you connect to your own wisdom. I felt empowered & grounded in my own ability to change.


The techniques have helped me fall asleep faster & wake up feeling refreshed.


I am ready to reclaim my ability to sleep easily & naturally!

What You’ll Learn in the Sleep Academy

Each module is delivered on a weekly basis, and contains specific Action Steps for you to practice. Here’s what we’ll cover:

1 - Introduction

Learn why and how sleep can create an anxious mind & vice versa. How to use this feedback loop to get yourself unstuck.

2 - Create a New Foundation

Learn a 5-minute technique to relax & calm yourself. How to recruit 5 different aspects of your mind-body system to get more positive results with less work. Watch a sample video.

3 - Clear Out Your System

Look at all the ways you’re consuming excess energy during the day that’s keeps you from restorative sleep at night. Create a plan that prioritizes your rest & self-care.

4 - Restore Healthy Rhythms

Learn how your nervous system affects your sleep, & practice 4 powerful ways to help reset your “rest rhythm”. Includes recommendations about eating & sleep timing.

5 - Establish Solid Boundaries

2 types of boundaries & why setting & honoring boundaries is critical to reducing your stress so you can sleep better. Learn how you can act differently in the face of work/peer pressure & reclaim time for yourself.

6 - Overcome Change Blockers

Learn why change is often way more difficult than it needs to be. Assess & identify blockers that get in your way of sustaining long-term, healthy sleep. Deep dive into the top 2 most common “change blockers”.

7 - Putting it All Together

Integration of all you’ve learned so you can continue practicing and feeling positive changes in your sleep, your health, & your life. Discussion of next steps in your wellness journey.

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