6 Meditations for Anxious Minds

  • Have you tried, but found meditation boring?
  • Do you have trouble being still?
  • Need to calm your overactive, anxious mind?
  • Want to start meditating in the most effective way possible?
  • Already have a practice, but want something new?

Meditation doesn’t have to look like this photo.

meditation for anxious minds

As a Sleep Wellness Coach, I often teach meditation.

It’s one effective way to overcome stressed-based obstacles to refreshing sleep. But as a Therapeutic Yoga / Meditation teacher & a person who’s experienced anxiety personally, I also know it’s super important to use techniques designed to meet you where you are.

I’m now offering these 6 meditations, designed for busy people with anxious minds.

When you purchase, you’ll receive a link to download a .zip file containing the audio files (Mp3 format).

What Kali’s Clients Say . . .

Kali’s technical ability to teach is second to none; her classes are physically, mentally, & spiritually what I need.


In each session, I benefit from Kali’s experience, knowledge, commitment, & passion.


Kali empowers you by sharing with tools & techniques so that you can continue the work & heal yourself.


Kali is in the top 10% of instructors I’ve experienced. You can immediately tell she has a deep understanding of the human body & how to . . . release tension through movement & breath. Her classes are creative & diverse which is extremely important since I usually practice 4 times a week.


Experience the benefits

of 6 meditation practices for just $16

Kali Patrick,
Sleep Wellness Coach


Since 2012 Kali’s been coaching stressed-out, busy professionals who have trouble falling &/or staying asleep long enough to wake feeling refreshed.

She’s presented on sleep, stress resilience, meditation, mindfulness, & other wellness topics to employees at IKEA, Media Science, Tufts Health Plan, GSK, Walmart & PayPal.

A former high-tech manager and anxious person herself, Kali’s been exploring practical & accessible forms of yoga & meditation for over 25 years.

As Featured In:

Authority Magazine
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Thrive Global
Boston Business Women
National Coach Academy

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