4 Reasons Why Adults Come to Sleep Coaching

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What it is you deeply want (and will have!) when you are sleeping better? Here are just 4 reasons why adults come to sleep & well-being coaching.

This post is inspired by my having done several Clarity Calls recently.

When people talk with me about their sleep, they usually wonder whether they’re “normal”.

First, I want you to know that yes, you are! That’s because I do hear the same themes over & over again. I’m not just talking about the sleep struggles either.

I’m talking about what it is you deeply want, and will have when you are sleeping better! 

Below are my top 4 reasons for why adults come to sleep & well-being coaching, along with some questions for you to think about this week.

1 – To be more confident

Here’s one I love:

If sleep was no longer a struggle, I’d feel more CONFIDENT.


  • a sense of being grounded in my body
  • a mind that’s focused & clear

“I trust that I possess an ability to handle life’s stressors (i.e. I’m resilient)!”

Thought exercise: What does CONFIDENCE mean to you? How does your sleep support or detract from that?

2 – To be more social

I hear this one a lot.

If sleep was no longer a struggle, I’d be more SOCIAL.


  • being present with people I care about
  • engaged in meaningful conversations
  • feeling connected to my colleagues, family & friends

“I am courageously authentic in my relationships. I like myself & I’m not afraid to be exactly who I am!”

Thought exercise: What does being SOCIAL mean to you? How does your current sleep situation impact that?

3 – To be more independent

Here’s an important one:

If sleep was no longer a struggle, I’d be INDEPENDENT.


  • falling & staying asleep without taking anything
  • feeling proud of what I choose to put in my body
  • actively participating in my health & well-being

“I see possibilities beyond ingesting sedating substances.”

Thought exercise: What does being INDEPENDENT mean to you? How independently & naturally are you sleeping?

4 – To be positive

What else do adults want to get from sleep & well-being coaching?

If sleep was no longer a struggle, I’d be more POSITIVE.


  • I acknowledge what’s RIGHT about me
  • I see my strengths & use them to make a difference
  • I do more of what IS working

“I don’t pretend with empty affirmations. I see how the BEST case scenario is also possible.”

Thought exercise: What does being POSITIVE mean to you? How positive are you during the day, or in the middle of the night if you wake?

5 – To be ______________

So, would you be more:

  • Confident?
  • Social?
  • Independent?
  • Positive?
  • Something else?

I’m curious! Tell me what else in the comments.

What would be different for YOU if you got more consistently refreshing sleep?


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