How to Get Through Work During Times When Sleep is Lacking

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Let’s face it: People often have bouts of sleeplessness.

Some of us are simply programmed not to sleep as well. Some of us have things that might keep us up later than we would have liked — new babies, for example, or even just work or home projects. And sometimes insomnia just happens here and there — something you ate, something you watched, something you read.

But fighting, regularly, to avoid naps can be a cost to you if you’re on the job and need to be productive. It can jeopardize not only your productivity but your job security, of course. And sleep deprivation has an actual, real cost to companies, to the tune of up to $3,100 annually per employee. Those sleepy employees lose their productivity and have their accuracy affected, too. That can have all sorts of negative consequences depending on the job you’re in.

So how do you conquer this problem?

This graphic has some ideas.

Are you ready to get serious about sleep?


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