2019 Reads

Left to my own devices, I would likely to read books only related to health, wellness, and how to be a better solo-preneur. But I made a conscious effort in 2019 to read some more fun. I’m glad I did! There’s a cleansing that happens when you step outside your habit. Your brain can rest.

If you read before bed, the type of content you choose can mean the difference between a refreshing night’s sleep, a mind filled with “work-busy planning”, or even vivid nightmares!

Anyway, you’ll see this mixture of work and play below. Several Top Picks stand out because they blended work with fun for me. For example, “When Nietzsche Wept” had in it many fascinating elements of the coaching experience, but not enough to get my brain into “coaching mode”. “Educated” blew my mind as a story of childhood developmental trauma. Some of these I read a little each day in the morning, or at night, depending on the time I had and the style of book. I hope you’ll get some good ideas here.

Top Picks:

Also Very Good:

Other Decent Reads:

Books I Wish I Skipped*:

  • Forgiveness is Really Strange
  • My Own Words (RBG)
  • Osler’s Web: Inside the Labrynth
  • Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers

*I’m not saying they’re bad; they just didn’t resonate with me.

What was your favorite read of 2019? Is it a good “before bed” topic? A great morning or daytime “pick-me-up”? I’d love to know in the comments!

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