Let Go & Never Give Up: A Poem about Chronic Illness

I’ve experienced chronic pain and illness

Worked with clients who have no spoons left

Watched friends who have struggled enough

We are:


We have dreams.


We want to do good in this world.

We embark on

our journey, following our dreams,

looking to live our calling.

Something happens. Nothing happens.

Our systems say, “sorry honey, not right now.”

“I AM doing this, NOW.”


“OK, I honor myself; I will slow down.”


Some get stronger feedback, until we are SLAPPED / stopped.

Hard and fast.

Some get stronger with diligent patience,

(unless of course we get weaker, and (more) frustrated.)

Both recover in time, but a time

not set by us. (Maybe not even in this lifetime.)

How does one discover how to live

in those in-betweens?

Those spaces without the comforting

illusion of Control?

We learn to let go

(and never give up).


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