Is it “Taste Worthy?”

Years ago, as I was emerging from my struggles with overeating and binge eating, I faced a dilemma. I knew I had to ease up on my self-imposed restrictions (because they were part of why I binged). Yet, I didn’t trust myself to make good decisions.

I started to use a very simple question:

Is it ‘Taste Worthy?’

Seinfeld reference aside, the point was that when deciding what to eat, asking this question made me pause and connect with both my mind and my body. It was a way to ask my highest Self if I REALLY thought the food would be satisfying, versus eating for countless other reasons.

Here are some examples of when asking this question helped me make a good decision:

  • When I had dinner out at a restaurant and was given a dessert menu. Sure, there were some options, but were they more “taste-worthy” than the gourmet Belgian dark chocolate in my pantry at home? Nope! I’d rather enjoy that melting in my mouth. (Often by the time I got home, I’d have forgotten all about it.)
  • At pot-luck gatherings. A company I used to work for would put on “cookie lucks”–like “pot lucks” but with all cookies, cakes, and desserts. I could automatically exclude store-bought items for the real bakers. I also knew I loved chocolate above all else, so that reduced the number of appealing items even further. And then, dark over milk chocolate any day! Now, I could make a few selections I could really savor while socializing with colleagues.
  • When I failed at making a new Paleo pumpkin pancakes recipe. They were a crumbly mess, and with one bite, I learned they tasted as bad as they looked. Previously I would have ate them anyway (to not waste the ingredients nor the effort). But they were negative on my pleasure scale, so to the trash they went!

While I originally asked this question only about desserts, it helped screen out many foods that were just going to be “OK” for foods that truly lit me up. In hindsight, it really upped my food quality levels, which left me feeling satisfied and healthy, even when eating desserts. I was able to eat in social situations, and not feel left out. A win-win in my book!

Try it if you like, and let me know what you discover.


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