Even Wellness Professionals Need Help with Health (and that’s OK)

As a Mind-body Wellness Coach, I meet many other people in the health and wellness profession: from other types of coaches to chiropractors, therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, energy healers, care givers, nurses, and doctors (allopathic, functional, integrative, naturopathic, etc.). One thing we all share is that we hold the health and well-being of our clients or patients close to our hearts. We¬† truly want to help people get well when they’re sick or in pain, and live the fullest lives possible when conditions are chronic or stubborn. We are energized, motivated, and rewarded by others’ transformations and “wins”–however small.

As curious professionals who have studied in different environments over several years, we have a lot of tools and techniques at our disposal. We might work for a hospital, a clinic, an organization / business / non-profit, or for ourselves. Whether we follow a specific program developed by someone else (which we believe in) or develop our own unique style of working, we continue to grow in our abilities and are always looking for ways to reach out and help more people improve their health.

However, I’ve noticed that many people inside the health and wellness profession face the same challenges as those who are outside it: namely, it’s difficult to prioritize taking care of yourself. Like your patients and clients, you’re busy. You have commutes, workloads, families and friends, household chores, and so on that fill your days so that sometimes you wonder where the time went, or aren’t sure what you did just yesterday.

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching several people who “do what I do.” What’s great about this is that generally speaking, the intellectual knowledge they possess about health and wellness is vast–sometimes, and in specific areas, much larger than mine. The struggle is not what to do, but how to do it. By how, I mean how to apply and experience these practices so that what’s known intellectually (i.e. in the logical mind) becomes felt in the body and the soul, so that decisions are made from a place of integration; an intersection of body-mind that together is wiser and easily acts in accordance with one’s values.

I’ve also had conversations with health and wellness professionals who claim they don’t need help because they know what to do for themselves–why should they pay money to hire someone like me?

Photo of woman with head in her lap, hiding.I wonder sometimes whether it’s shame that holds us back from getting help for ourselves. If you’re in the health and wellness profession yet struggling with your own health issue such as insomnia, chronic pain / fatigue, emotional / stress eating, or stress in general, it’s possible to feel like a fraud and therefore want to keep your own issues secret. When you’re telling other people how to get better or live better, using tools and techniques you truly believe in (yet you aren’t following your own advice), you can feel hypocritical, and not want anyone to know. While confidentiality is of utmost ethical importance in all of our professions, the fear of being “uncovered” can be demotivating. Yet in many cases, the very reason why many of us got into these fields is exactly because we had a health crisis of some sort!

In my experience, the highest professionals in their area of expertise know they need a different perspective and take advantage of having a guide / mentor. Given the nature of this post, it might come as no surprise to you that I myself have a mentor (yoga), a business coach, and an accountability partner / peer coach. (Much gratitude to Jorge, Wayne, & Laura for your ongoing wisdom!)

Be good to yourself.Are you a successful coach, chiropractor, therapist, acupuncturist, nutritionist, energy healer, care giver, nurse, doctor, or other health professional who’s finding it difficult to consistently work toward your own wellness goals? Are you so busy taking care of others that you can’t seem to find time for your own self-care? Are you working with individuals or groups, teaching them how to be healthier, yet neglecting yourself?

If you’ve made sacrifices along the way in building your practice, you know it’s now time for you to start living in integrity. Take action despite any fear or shame (as you’d expect your clients / patients to do the same). Get ready to “walk your talk,” and be willing to take time for you, so that you can be a true, live example for those you are here to help. We all know it is easier to change with support and accountability.

Why You Should Talk to Me

As a high-performing professional you know the value of getting a different perspective, and the power of a Mind-body Wellness Coach can help you get in alignment with what you teach and what you value. If you agree, go ahead and book a quick 20-minute chat, and I’ll walk you through my coaching programs.


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