Even Wellness Professionals Need Help with Health (and that’s OK)

As a Sleep Wellness Coach, I meet many people in wellness professions. Whether you’re a chiropractor, therapist, acupuncturist, nutritionist, energy healer, care giver, nurse, or any sort of doctor, you have many tools and techniques at your disposal. You continue to grow in your ability and seek ways to help more people improve their health. You’re energized, motivated, and rewarded by others’ transformations and wins–however small.

However, I’ve noticed you often share same challenges as those outside the realm of health. It’s difficult to prioritize relaxation, rest, and self-care. Like your patients and clients, you’re busy. You have commutes, workloads, families and friends, household chores, pets, hobbies, etc. that fill your days (and sometimes nights).

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching several people who “do what I do.” This is awesome because the intellectual knowledge they possess is vast. But the struggle is not always what to do, but how to do it. By how, I mean how to engage in and experience self-care practices so that what’s known logically becomes felt in body and soul.

Why We Don’t Ask for Help

Maybe admitting to having issues with sleep or other commonplace wellness challenges is embarrassing. “Will people think I’m a fraud?” Telling people how to live better and not following your own advice can feel hypocritical. The fear of being “uncovered” as less-than-perfect can be demotivating.

Is it because we think we know better? I’ve had many peers share stories about how their own health crisis (and recovery) brought them to their profession. In my experience, the highest professionals in their area of expertise know they need a different perspective and take advantage of having someone else guide and cheer them on. (It might come as no surprise to you that I have a Yoga Therapy mentor, a business coach, and an accountability partner / peer coach.)

Be good to yourself.Are you a successful health professional who’s finding it difficult to consistently work toward your own wellness goals? Are you so busy taking care of others that you can’t seem to find time for your own self-care? Are you working with individuals or groups, teaching them how to be healthier, yet neglecting yourself?

Is it Time to Live in Integrity?

If you’ve made sacrifices to build your practice, that’s fine. And now may be the time to start living in deep integrity. Be courageously willing to take time for you, to be a true example for those you help.

Are you ready to get serious about sleep?


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