A Promising Time for a Reset

Today is October 1st, and I always find the start of a new month as a wonderful opportunity to perform a reset when it comes to reaching our goals.

By a reset, I mean two things:

  1. Review the prior month. What has been working? What’s not been working so well? What’s one area that could use more of your attention? What’s one change you could make in that area to move forward during the month of October?
  2. Re-dedicate yourself to your goals. Simply doing #1 may be enough to keep your goals top of mind and to create new enthusiasm for the month ahead. If that’s not the case, you may need to hop up a level to find that devotion. Hint: If your vision for your future is unclear, or you don’t know WHY you have these goals in the first place, motivation can be hard to muster! It’s your clear vision that drives your goals, which drive your actions.

Personally I find the new month inspiring, and I find the same thing is true of each Monday. While some people dread it, Monday is the start of a brand new week, and thus a time to begin again.

Of course, so is every new day, so why wait for the new week?

By extension, every moment can be like this crispy, fresh new month: a time where we can acknowledge what we’ve done well, and intuitively listen for what we could do in the very next moment that will benefit us body, mind, and spirit!

Need clarity on your vision?

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