6 Natural Solutions I Use (Some Daily)

I was recently pleasantly surprised by a natural remedy using neem oil. When I thought about it a bit more, I use several natural solutions–some every day–that I find effective enough to share with you.

For Daily Use

  1. Coconut oil toothpaste: Back in college I had periodontal surgery, which traumatized me and made me pretty finicky about my dental hygiene. Several years ago I started pulling coconut oil, but I just didn’t enjoy it enough (at least not for 15-20 mins!) to be able to maintain it. These days there are some nice oils to try, but I’ve settled on making my own toothpaste. I use this once a day (alternating with Sensodyne to cover my bases). I based mine on Amy Myers’ recipe, but simplified a lot: I mix baking soda with coconut oil, and maybe a few drops of mint. How much of each is a Goldilocks kind of thing: not too dry, not too wet.

  2. Peroxide mouthwash: A dental hygienist told me about this one, after we talked about the previous. I keep a little shot glass in the bathroom–wild, I know. I dilute the peroxide with water so it’s not too strong (about 1/3 peroxide, 2/3 water) and swish as with regular mouthwash.

  3. Homemade lip balm: I’m one of those people who has lip balm on me or near me at all times. One of my friends who sells doTERRA oils turned me on to this, so I frequently make batches to give away to clients or as gifts. There are many different recipes you can find online (here’s a simple one). Be mindful though, as some oils are not recommended for this purpose. Lip balm is fun to make and you’ll likely never go back to a store bought one again!

When Needed

  1. ACV for nausea: A tablespoon of this stuff will generally remove nausea. There are lots of ways to dilute it, but I prefer the quick and dirty method: pour into a tablespoon, make that face for a moment, and move on with your life free of stomach ache. 😉

  2. Neem oil for eyes: This is what prompted this blog post. Last week my right eye was tearing excessively. I wasn’t sure whether it was the beginnings of conjunctivitis, and sure enough one morning I woke up slightly crusty. I found this article, which lists quite a few remedies. I had neem oil on hand, so what I did was put some Jojoba (a carrier oil) on a cotton ball by turning the bottle upside down on it. I added 3 drops of neem oil, and wiped it over my eye lid 1-2x / day. In 2 days my issue was 100% gone!

  3. Epsom salt bath for aches / improved sleep: Again, there are many benefits one might experience from Epsom salts, but my favorites are to relax achy muscles and joints (by reducing inflammation), and to improve sleep (due to magnesium and the general relaxation effect of a warm bath).

Do you have a favorite I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments!

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